BSD-3-Clause licensed by Andrey Chudnov, Arjun Guha, Spiridon Aristides Eliopoulos, Joe Gibbs Politz, Claudiu Saftoiu
Maintained by Andrey Chudnov

Module documentation for 0.16.2

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  • Language
    • Language.ECMAScript3
      • Language.ECMAScript3.Analysis
        • Language.ECMAScript3.Analysis.Environment
        • Language.ECMAScript3.Analysis.LabelSets
      • Language.ECMAScript3.Lexer
      • Language.ECMAScript3.Parser
      • Language.ECMAScript3.PrettyPrint
      • Language.ECMAScript3.SourceDiff
      • Language.ECMAScript3.Syntax
        • Language.ECMAScript3.Syntax.Annotations
        • Language.ECMAScript3.Syntax.Arbitrary
        • Language.ECMAScript3.Syntax.QuasiQuote

Tools for working with ECMAScript 3 (popularly known as JavaScript). Includes a parser, pretty-printer, tools for working with source tree annotations and an arbitrary instance. See CHANGELOG for a summary of changes.