lifted IO operations from the base library

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Bas van Dijk, Anders Kaseorg
Maintained by Bas van Dijk
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Module documentation for

  • Control
    • Control.Concurrent
      • Control.Concurrent.Chan
        • Control.Concurrent.Chan.Lifted
      • Control.Concurrent.Lifted
      • Control.Concurrent.MVar
        • Control.Concurrent.MVar.Lifted
    • Control.Exception
      • Control.Exception.Lifted
  • Data
    • Data.IORef
      • Data.IORef.Lifted
  • Foreign
    • Foreign.Marshal
      • Foreign.Marshal.Utils
        • Foreign.Marshal.Utils.Lifted
  • System
    • System.Timeout
      • System.Timeout.Lifted

IO operations from the base library lifted to any instance of MonadBase or MonadBaseControl

The package includes a copy of the monad-peel testsuite written by Anders Kaseorg The tests can be performed using cabal test.