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This package provides an URI manipulation interface.

Version 2.5 (unlike the following versions) is a dummy package that prevents module name clashes between network-uri and network, if used together with a Cabal flag as described below.

In network-2.6 the Network.URI module was split off from the network package into this package. If you're using the Network.URI module you can automatically get it from the right package by adding this to your .cabal file:

flag network-uri
  description: Get Network.URI from the network-uri package
  default: True

  -- ...
  if flag(network-uri)
    build-depends: network-uri >= 2.6, network >= 2.6
    build-depends: network-uri < 2.6, network < 2.6

That is, get the module from either network < 2.6 or from network-uri >= 2.6.