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Silk Rest Framework Types



  • Fix compilation with GHC 7.8.


  • Add instances of Eq, Ord, Read, Functor, Foldable, and Traversable for List.
  • Fix compilation with GHC 8.

  • Allow aeson 0.9.* and (revision) 0.10.*


  • Switch XML serialization from regular (regular-xmlpickler) to GHC Generics (generic-xmlpickler). The derived serialization formats should be equivalent. Instead of deriving PF instances datatypes you should now derive Generic. The PF instances have also been removed from this package.


  • Add Applicative and Monad instances for Reason.
  • Add Eq, Ord and Read instances for Void.


  • Change the type of Reason_ from Reason () to Reason Void
  • Remove the no longer needed ToResponseCode () instance
  • Removed Error instances for DataError, Reason e, and SomeReason.


  • Add method field to Resource, allowing you to use different methods than GET in a multi-action.
  • Add Method data type.

  • Return a 405 for unsupported methods.


  • Moved Range from rest-core to Rest.Types.Range.


  • Added Rest.Types.Error.ToResponseCode for getting the response codes of errors.
  • Removed responseCode from Rest.Types.Error.DomainReason, use toResponseCode instead.
  • Added Rest.Types.Info, moved from rest-core.


  • Add Functor, Foldable and Traversable instances for the types in Rest.Types.Error.


  • Added ShowUrl instance for strict and lazy Text.

  • Use JSONSchema Any type instead of Choice [].

  • Use rest-stringmap == 0.2.*.

  • Allow mtl == 2.2.*.


  • Removed Rest.Container.StringMap in favor of rest-stringmap. KeyValues is now an alias for Rest.StringMap.HashMap.Strict String Value.
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