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abstract-deque-0.3Abstract, parameterized interface to mutable Deques
abstract-par-0.3.3Type classes generalizing the functionality of the 'monad-par' library
accelerate- embedded language for accelerated array processing
ace-0.6Attempto Controlled English parser and printer
action-permutations- a set of actions (e.g. parsers) in each possible order
active- for animation
AC-Vector-2.3.2Efficient geometric vectors and transformations
ad- Differentiation
adjunctions-4.2Adjunctions and representable functors
aeson- JSON parsing and encoding
aeson-pretty-0.7.2JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool
aeson-qq-0.7.4JSON quasiquoter for Haskell
aeson-utils- for working with Aeson
alarmclock- up and perform an action at a certain time
alex-3.1.4Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell
amqp-0.10.1Client library for AMQP servers (currently only RabbitMQ)
ansi-terminal- ANSI terminal support, with Windows compatibility
ansi-wl-pprint- Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output
appar-0.1.4A simple applicative parser
approximate- discrete values and numbers
arbtt- Rule-Based Time Tracker
arithmoi- basic number-theoretic functions. Primes, powers, integer logarithms
array- and immutable arrays
arrow-list- arrows for Haskell
asn1-data-0.7.1ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms
asn1-encoding-0.9.0ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms
asn1-parse-0.9.0Simple monadic parser for ASN1 stream types
asn1-types-0.3.0ASN.1 types
async-2.0.2Run IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results
atto-lisp-0.2.2Efficient parsing and serialisation of S-Expressions
attoparsec- combinator parsing for bytestrings and text
attoparsec-conduit-1.1.0Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated)
attoparsec-enumerator-0.3.3Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser
attoparsec-expr- of parsec's expression parser to attoparsec
authenticate- methods for Haskell web applications
auto-update- run periodic, on-demand actions
aws-0.11.3Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Haskell
bake-0.2Continuous integration system
bank-holidays-england- of bank holidays in England and Wales
barecheck- implementations for common types
base- libraries
base16-bytestring- base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
base64-bytestring- base64 encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
base-compat-0.5.0A compatibility layer for base
base-prelude-0.1.17The most complete prelude formed from only the "base" package
base-unicode-symbols- alternatives for common functions and operators
basic-prelude- enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes
binary- serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings
binary-conduit-1.2.3data serialization/deserialization conduit library
binary-list- of length a power of two
bindings-DSL-1.0.22FFI domain specific language, on top of hsc2hs
bioace-0.0.1Library for reading ace assembly files
bioalign-0.0.5Data structures and helper functions for calculating alignments
biocore-0.3.1A bioinformatics library
biofasta-0.0.3Library for reading fasta sequence files
biofastq-0.1A library for reading FASTQ files
biophd-0.0.5Library for reading phd sequence files
biopsl-0.4Library and executables for working with PSL files
biosff- and executables for working with SFF files
bits-0.4Various bit twiddling and bitwise serialization primitives
BlastHTTP-1.0.1Libary to interface with the NCBI blast REST interface
blastxml-0.3.2Library for reading Blast XML output
blaze-builder- buffered output
blaze-builder-enumerator- for the incremental conversion of builders to bytestrings
blaze-html- blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell
blaze-markup- blazingly fast markup combinator library for Haskell
blaze-svg- combinator library
blaze-textual- rendering of common datatypes
BlogLiterately- tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs
BlogLiterately-diagrams- images in blog posts with inline diagrams code
bloodhound- client library for Haskell
bmp- and write uncompressed BMP image files
Boolean-0.2.3Generalized booleans and numbers
bool-extras-0.4.0A fold function for Bool
bound-1.0.4Making de Bruijn Succ Less
BoundedChan- of bounded channels
broadcast-chan-0.1.0Broadcast channel type that avoids 0 reader space leaks
bson-0.3.1BSON documents are JSON-like objects with a standard binary encoding
bumper- bump package versions, also transitively
byteable-0.1.1Type class for sequence of bytes
bytedump-1.0Flexible byte dump helpers for human readers
byteorder-1.0.4Exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system
bytes- code for serialization between binary and cereal
bytestring-, compact, strict and lazy byte strings with a list interface
bytestring-builder- new bytestring builder, packaged outside of GHC
bytestring-lexing- and produce literals efficiently from strict or lazy bytestrings
bytestring-mmap-0.2.2mmap support for strict ByteStrings
bytestring-progress-1.0.3A library for tracking the consumption of a lazy ByteString
bytestring-show- conversion of values into readable byte strings
bytestring-trie-0.2.4An efficient finite map from (byte)strings to values
bzlib- and decompression in the bzip2 format
bzlib-conduit- compression/decompression via conduits
c2hs-0.20.1C->Haskell FFI tool that gives some cross-language type safety
Cabal- framework for packaging Haskell software
cabal-install- command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
cabal-src-0.2.5Alternative install procedure to avoid the diamond dependency issue
cairo- to the Cairo library
case-insensitive- insensitive string comparison
cases-0.1.2A converter for spinal, snake and camel cases
cassava- CSV parsing and encoding library
cautious-file-1.0.2Ways to write a file cautiously, to reduce the chances of problems such as data loss due to crashes or power failures
cereal- binary serialization library
cereal-conduit- Data.Serialize Gets and Puts into Sources, Sinks, and Conduits
certificate-1.3.9Certificates and Key Reader/Writer
charset-0.3.7Fast unicode character sets based on complemented PATRICIA tries
Chart-1.3.3A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots
Chart-diagrams-1.3.3Diagrams backend for Charts
ChasingBottoms- testing partial and infinite values
check-email-1.0Confirm whether an email is valid and probably existant
checkers-0.4.2Check properties on standard classes and data structures
chell- simple and intuitive library for automated testing
chell-quickcheck-0.2.5QuickCheck support for the Chell testing library
chunked-data- for dealing with various chunked data representations
cipher-aes-0.2.10Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations
cipher-blowfish-0.0.3Blowfish cipher
cipher-camellia-0.0.2Camellia block cipher primitives
cipher-des-0.0.6DES and 3DES primitives
cipher-rc4-0.1.4Fast RC4 cipher implementation
circle-packing- heuristic for packing discs of varying radii in a circle
classy-prelude-0.10.5A typeclass-based Prelude
classy-prelude-conduit-0.10.5conduit instances for classy-prelude
classy-prelude-yesod-0.10.5Provide a classy prelude including common Yesod functionality
clientsession- store session data in a client-side cookie
clock- clock functions: monotonic, realtime, cputime
cmdargs-0.10.12Command line argument processing
code-builder-0.1.3Simple system for generating code
colour-2.3.3A model for human colour/color perception
comonads-fd-4.0This package has been merged into comonad 4.0
comonad-transformers-4.0This package has been merged into comonad 4.0
compdata-0.9Compositional Data Types
compensated-0.6.1Compensated floating-point arithmetic
composition- for unorthodox function composition
compressed-3.10Compressed containers and reducers
concatenative-1.0.1A library for postfix control flow
concurrent-extra- concurrency primitives
concurrent-supply- fast concurrent unique identifier supply with a pure API
cond- conditional and boolean operators with monadic variants
conduit-1.2.4Streaming data processing library
conduit-combinators- used conduit functions, for both chunked and unchunked data
conduit-extra- included conduit: adapters for common libraries
configurator- management
connection-0.2.4Simple and easy network connections API
constraints- manipulation
containers- concrete container types
containers-unicode-symbols- alternatives for common functions and operators
contravariant- functors
control-monad-free-0.5.3Free monads and monad transformers
control-monad-loop-0.1Simple monad transformer for imperative-style loops
convertible- and instances for converting between types
cookie- cookie parsing and rendering
courier- message-passing library for simplifying network applications
cpphs-1.18.9A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor
cprng-aes-0.6.1Crypto Pseudo Random Number Generator using AES in counter mode
cpu-0.1.2Cpu information and properties helpers
criterion-, reliable performance measurement and analysis
crypto-api-0.13.2A generic interface for cryptographic operations
cryptocipher-0.6.2Symmetrical block and stream ciphers
crypto-cipher-tests-0.0.11Generic cryptography cipher tests
crypto-cipher-types-0.0.9Generic cryptography cipher types
cryptohash-0.11.6collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical
cryptohash-conduit-0.1.1cryptohash conduit
cryptohash-cryptoapi-0.1.3Crypto-api interfaces for cryptohash
crypto-numbers-0.2.7Cryptographic numbers: functions and algorithms
crypto-pubkey-0.2.8Public Key cryptography
crypto-pubkey-types-0.4.3Generic cryptography Public keys algorithm types
crypto-random-0.0.9Simple cryptographic random related types
crypto-random-api-0.2.0Simple random generators API for cryptography related code
css-text- parser and renderer
csv-0.1.2CSV loader and dumper
csv-conduit-0.6.6A flexible, fast, conduit-based CSV parser library for Haskell
curl-1.3.8Haskell binding to libcurl
data-accessor- for accessing and manipulating fields of records
data-accessor-mtl- Accessor to access state in mtl State monad class
data-binary-ieee754-0.4.4Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values
data-default-0.5.3A class for types with a default value
data-default-class-0.0.1A class for types with a default value
data-default-instances-base-0.0.1Default instances for types in base
data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1Default instances for types in containers
data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1Default instances for types in dlist
data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1Default instances for types in old-locale
data-inttrie-0.1.0A lazy, infinite trie of integers
data-lens-light- lenses, minimum dependencies
data-memocombinators-0.5.1Combinators for building memo tables
data-reify-0.6Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph
DAV-1.0.3RFC 4918 WebDAV support
Decimal-0.4.2Decimal numbers with variable precision
deepseq- evaluation of data structures
deepseq-generics- Control.DeepSeq.rnf implementation
derive-2.5.22A program and library to derive instances for data types
diagrams-1.2Embedded domain-specific language for declarative vector graphics
diagrams-builder- build service for the diagrams graphics EDSL
diagrams-cairo- backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-contrib- of user contributions to diagrams EDSL
diagrams-core- libraries for diagrams EDSL
diagrams-haddock- for embedding diagrams in Haddock documentation
diagrams-lib- domain-specific language for declarative graphics
diagrams-postscript- backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-svg- backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
Diff-0.3.1O(ND) diff algorithm in haskell
digest- cryptographic hashes for bytestrings; CRC32 and Adler32 for now
digestive-functors- practical formlet library
dimensional- checked physical dimensions
directory- for directory handling
directory-tree-0.12.0A simple directory-like tree datatype, with useful IO functions
direct-sqlite-2.3.15Low-level binding to SQLite3. Includes UTF8 and BLOB support
distributed-process-0.5.3Cloud Haskell: Erlang-style concurrency in Haskell
distributed-process-async-0.2.1Cloud Haskell Async API
distributed-process-client-server-0.1.2The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-execution-0.1.1Execution Framework for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-extras-0.2.0Cloud Haskell Extras
distributed-process-simplelocalnet- zero-configuration backend for Cloud Haskell
distributed-process-supervisor-0.1.2Supervisors for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-task-0.1.1Task Framework for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-static-, type-safe, polymorphic static values and closures
distributive-0.4.4Distributive functors -- Dual to Traversable
djinn-ghc- Haskell code from a type. Bridge from Djinn to GHC API
djinn-lib- Haskell code from a type. Library extracted from djinn package
dlist- lists
dlist-instances-0.1Difference lists instances
doctest-0.9.13Test interactive Haskell examples
double-conversion- conversion between double precision floating point and text
dual-tree- trees with cached and accumulating monoidal annotations
easy-file-0.2.0Cross-platform File handling
either- either monad transformer
elm-build-lib- Elm code to JS within Haskell
elm-compiler-0.14.1Values to help with elm-package, elm-make, and
elm-core-sources-1.0.0Source files for the Elm runtime and standard libraries
elm-package-0.2.2Package manager for Elm libraries
email-validate-2.0.1Validating an email address string against RFC 5322
enclosed-exceptions- all exceptions from within an enclosed computation
entropy-0.3.6A platform independent entropy source
enumerator-0.4.20Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators
eq-4.0.3Leibnizian equality
erf- error function, erf, and related functions
errorcall-eq-instance-0.1.0An orphan Eq instance for ErrorCall
errors-1.4.7Simplified error-handling
ersatz- monad for expressing SAT or QSAT problems using observable sharing
esqueleto- EDSL for SQL queries on persistent backends
exceptions-0.6.1Extensible optionally-pure exceptions
exception-transformers- classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions
executable-path-0.0.3Finding out the full path of the executable
extensible-exceptions- exceptions
extra-1.0.1Extra functions I use
failure- simple type class for success/failure computations. (deprecated)
fast-logger-2.2.3A fast logging system
fay- compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript
fay-base- base package for Fay
fay-builder- Fay code on cabal install, and ad-hoc recompile during development
fay-dom- FFI wrapper library for Fay
fay-jquery- bindings for Fay
fay-text- Text type represented as JavaScript strings
fay-uri- FFI bindings for using jsUri in Fay
fb-1.0.8Bindings to Facebook's API
fb-persistent-0.3.4Provides Persistent instances to Facebook types
fclabels- class accessor labels implemented as lenses
FenwickTree- structure for fast query and update of cumulative sums
fgl- Erwig's Functional Graph Library
file-embed- Template Haskell to embed file contents directly
file-location-0.4.6common functions that show file location information
filemanip- file and directory manipulation for Haskell
filepath- for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way
fingertree- finger-tree structure, with example instances
fixed- 15.16 precision fixed point arithmetic
fixed-list-0.1.5A fixed length list type
flexible-defaults- default function implementations for complex type classes
focus-0.1.3A general abstraction for manipulating elements of container data structures
foldl-1.0.8Composable, streaming, and efficient left folds
FontyFruity-0.4.1A true type file format loader
force-layout- force-directed layout
foreign-store-0.1Store a stable pointer in a foreign context to be retrieved later. Persists through GHCi reloads
foreign-var- mutatable state in external libraries
formatting-6.0.0Combinator-based type-safe formatting (like printf() or FORMAT)
fpco-api- interface to the FP Complete IDE API
free- for free
freenect-1.2Interface to the Kinect device
frisby-0.2Linear time composable parser for PEG grammars
fsnotify- platform library for file change notification
fuzzcheck-0.1.1A simple checker for stress testing monadic code
gd-3000.7.3A Haskell binding to a subset of the GD graphics library
generic-aeson- of Aeson instances using GHC generics
generic-deriving-1.6.3Generic programming library for generalised deriving
GenericPretty-1.2.1A generic, derivable, haskell pretty printer
generics-sop- Programming using True Sums of Products
ghc-7.8.4The GHC API
ghc-heap-view-0.5.3Extract the heap representation of Haskell values and thunks
ghcid-0.3.4GHCi based bare bones IDE
ghc-mod- Haskell Programming
ghc-mtl- mtl compatible version of the Ghc-Api monads and monad-transformers
ghc-paths- of GHC's installation directories
ghc-prim- primitives
ghc-syb-utils-0.2.3Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API
gio- to the GIO
git-embed-0.1.0Use TH to embed Git repo information
gl-0.6.3Complete OpenGL raw bindings
glib- to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs
Glob-0.7.5Globbing library
GLURaw- raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
GLUT- binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
graph-core-, memory efficient and persistent graph implementation
graphs- simple monadic graph library
gravatar-0.6Look up gravatar image urls by email address
groundhog- datatype-database mapping library
groundhog-mysql- backend for the groundhog library
groundhog-postgresql- backend for the groundhog library
groundhog-sqlite- backend for the groundhog library
groundhog-th-0.7.0Type-safe datatype-database mapping library
groupoids-4.0This package has been absorbed into semigroupoids 4.0
groups- 98 groups
gtk-0.13.4Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library
gtk2hs-buildtools- to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries
haddock-api- documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
haddock-library-1.1.1Library exposing some functionality of Haddock
half- floating-point
HandsomeSoup-0.3.5Work with HTML more easily in HXT
happstack-server-7.3.9Web related tools and services
happy-1.19.5Happy is a parser generator for Haskell
hashable- class for types that can be converted to a hash value
hashable-extras- Hashable
hashmap- containers Map and Set based on hashing
hashtables- hash tables in the ST monad
haskeline- command-line interface for user input, written in Haskell
haskell2010- with Haskell 2010
haskell98- with Haskell 98
haskell-lexer-1.0A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer
haskell-names-0.4.1Name resolution library for Haskell
haskell-packages- suite library for package management and integration with Cabal
haskell-src- for manipulating Haskell source code
haskell-src-exts- Haskell source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
haskell-src-meta- source to template-haskell abstract syntax
hasql-0.7.2A minimalistic general high level API for relational databases
hasql-backend-0.4.0API for backends of "hasql"
hasql-postgres-0.10.2A "PostgreSQL" backend for the "hasql" library
hastache-0.6.1Haskell implementation of Mustache templates
HaTeX- Haskell LaTeX library
HaXml-1.25.3Utilities for manipulating XML documents
haxr-3000.10.3.1XML-RPC client and server library
HCodecs-0.5A library to read, write and manipulate MIDI, WAVE, and SoundFont2 files
hdaemonize- to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX
hdevtools- GHC powered background server for FAST haskell development tools
heap-1.0.2Heaps in Haskell
heaps-0.3.2Asymptotically optimal Brodal/Okasaki heaps
hebrew-time-0.1.1Hebrew dates and prayer times
heist-0.14.1An Haskell template system supporting both HTML5 and XML
here-1.2.7Here docs & interpolated strings via quasiquotation
heredoc- string / here document using QuasiQuotes
hflags-0.4Command line flag parser, very similar to Google's gflags
highlighting-kate-0.5.12Syntax highlighting
hinotify-0.3.7Haskell binding to inotify
hint- Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
histogram-fill- for histograms creation
hit-0.6.3Git operations in haskell
hjsmin- implementation of a javascript minifier
hledger-0.24.1The main command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool
hledger-lib-0.24.1Core data types, parsers and utilities for the hledger accounting tool
hlibgit2- bindings to libgit2
hlint-1.9.16Source code suggestions
hmatrix- Linear Algebra
hmatrix-gsl- computation
holy-project- your Haskell project with cabal, git and tests
hoogle-4.2.39Haskell API Search
hoopl- library to support dataflow analysis and optimization
hOpenPGP-1.11native Haskell implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880)
hostname-1.0A very simple package providing a cross-platform means of determining the hostname
hostname-validate-1.0.0Validate hostnames e.g. localhost or
hourglass-0.2.8simple performant time related library
hpc- Coverage Library for Haskell
hPDB- Databank file format library
hPDB-examples- for hPDB library
hs-bibutils-5.5Haskell bindings to bibutils, the bibliography conversion utilities
hscolour-1.20.3Colourise Haskell code
hse-cpp-0.1Preprocess+parse haskell code
hslogger-1.2.8Versatile logging framework
hslua-0.3.13A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell
hspec-2.1.5A Testing Framework for Haskell
hspec2-0.6.1Alpha version of Hspec 2.0
hspec-core-2.1.5A Testing Framework for Haskell
hspec-discover-2.1.5Automatically discover and run Hspec tests
hspec-expectations- combinators for HUnit
hspec-meta-2.0.0A version of Hspec which is used to test Hspec itself
hspec-wai-0.6.3Experimental Hspec support for testing WAI applications
hspec-wai-json-0.6.0Testing JSON APIs with hspec-wai
HStringTemplate-0.7.3StringTemplate implementation in Haskell
hsyslog-2.0FFI interface to syslog(3) from POSIX.1-2001
HTF- Haskell Test Framework
html- combinator library
html-conduit- HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes
HTTP-4000.2.19A library for client-side HTTP
http-client-0.4.9An HTTP client engine, intended as a base layer for more user-friendly packages
http-client-tls-0.2.2http-client backend using the connection package and tls library
http-conduit-2.1.5HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support
http-date-0.0.6HTTP Date parser/formatter
http-reverse-proxy- proxy HTTP requests, either over raw sockets or with WAI
http-types-0.8.6Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code)
HUnit- unit testing framework for Haskell
hweblib-0.6.3Haskell Web Library
hxt- collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell
hxt-charproperties- properties and classes for XML and Unicode
hxt-http- to native Haskell HTTP package HTTP
hxt-pickle-utils- functions for using HXT picklers
hxt-regex-xmlschema- regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions
hxt-relaxng- HXT RelaxNG validator
hxt-unicode- en-/decoding functions for utf8, iso-latin-* and other encodings
hybrid-vectors- vectors e.g. Mixed Boxed/Unboxed vectors
hyphenation- Knuth-Liang hyphenation
idna-0.3.0Implements IDNA (RFC 3490)
ieee754-0.7.6Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers
IfElse-0.85Anaphoric and miscellaneous useful control-flow
imagesize-conduit- the size of some common image formats
immortal-0.2Spawn threads that never die (unless told to do so)
incremental-parser- parser library capable of providing partial results from partial input
indents-0.3.3indentation sensitive parser-combinators for parsec
ini-0.3.1Quick and easy configuration files in the INI format
integer-gmp- library based on GMP
integration-0.2.1Fast robust numeric integration via tanh-sinh quadrature
interpolate-0.1.0String interpolation done right
interpolatedstring-perl6-0.9.0QuasiQuoter for Perl6-style multi-line interpolated strings
intervals-0.7.1Interval Arithmetic
io-choice-0.0.5Choice for IO and lifted IO
io-manager- library around the IO monad
io-memoize- IO actions
iproute-1.3.2IP Routing Table
iterable-3.0API for hierarchical multilevel collections
ixset-1.0.6Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets
js-flot-0.8.3Obtain minified flot code
js-jquery-1.11.2Obtain minified jQuery code
json-autotype- type declaration for JSON input data
json-schema- and type classes for defining JSON schemas
JuicyPixels-3.2.3Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance)
JuicyPixels-repa-0.7Convenience functions to obtain array representations of images
kan-extensions-4.2.1Kan extensions, Kan lifts, various forms of the Yoneda lemma, and (co)density (co)monads
kdt-0.2.3Fast and flexible k-d trees for various types of point queries
keter- application deployment manager, focusing on Haskell web frameworks
keys-3.10.1Keyed functors and containers
kure-2.16.10Combinators for Strategic Programming
language-c-0.4.7Analysis and generation of C code
language-ecmascript-0.16.2JavaScript parser and pretty-printer library
language-glsl-0.1.1GLSL abstract syntax tree, parser, and pretty-printer
language-haskell-extract-0.2.4Module to automatically extract functions from the local code
language-java-0.2.7Manipulating Java source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
language-javascript- for JavaScript
lazy-csv-0.5Efficient lazy parsers for CSV (comma-separated values)
lca-0.2.4O(log n) persistent on-line lowest common ancestor calculation without preprocessing
lens-, Folds and Traversals
lens-aeson- lenses for aeson
lens-family-th- lens-family style lenses
lhs2tex-1.18.1Preprocessor for typesetting Haskell sources with LaTeX
libgit-0.3.0Simple Git Wrapper
libnotify- to libnotify library
lifted-async- lifted IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results
lifted-base- IO operations from the base library
linear-1.15.5Linear Algebra
linear-accelerate-0.2Instances to use linear vector spaces on accelerate backends
list-t-0.4.3ListT done right
loch-th-0.2.1Support for precise error locations in source files (Template Haskell version)
log-domain-0.9.3Log-domain arithmetic
logfloat-0.12.1Log-domain floating point numbers
logict- backtracking logic-programming monad
loop-0.2.0Fast loops (for when GHC can't optimize forM_)
lucid-2.5Clear to write, read and edit DSL for HTML
lzma-conduit-1.1.3Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression
machines-0.4.1Networked stream transducers
mandrill- for interfacing with the Mandrill JSON API
map-syntax-0.2Syntax sugar for defining maps
markdown- Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection
markdown-unlit- Haskell support for Markdown
math-functions- functions and Chebyshev polynomials
matrix- native implementation of matrix operations
MaybeT-0.1.2MaybeT monad transformer
MemoTrie-0.6.2Trie-based memo functions
mersenne-random-pure64- high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne Twister
messagepack-0.3.0Serialize instance for Message Pack Object
messagepack-rpc- Pack RPC over TCP
mime-mail- MIME email messages
mime-mail-ses- mime-mail messages via Amazon SES
mime-types- mime-type handling types and functions
missing-foreign-0.1.1Convenience functions for FFI work
MissingH- utility library
mmap-0.5.9Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows
mmorph-1.0.4Monad morphisms
MonadCatchIO-transformers- compatible version of the Control.Exception module
monad-control- control operations, like exception catching, through monad transformers
monad-coroutine- monad transformer for suspending and resuming monadic computations
monadcryptorandom-0.6.1A monad for using CryptoRandomGen
monad-extras-0.5.9Extra utility functions for working with monads
monadic-arrays- and unboxed arrays for monad transformers
monad-journal- logger typeclass and monad transformer
monad-logger- class of monads which can log messages
monad-loops- loops
monad-par- library for parallel programming based on a monad
monad-parallel- execution of monadic computations
monad-par-extras-0.3.3Combinators and extra features for Par monads
monad-primitive-0.1Type class for monad transformers stack with pirimitive base monad
monad-products- products
MonadPrompt-, implementation & examples
MonadRandom- generation monad
monad-st-0.2.4Provides a MonadST class
monads-tf- classes, using type families
mongoDB-2.0.3Driver (client) for MongoDB, a free, scalable, fast, document DBMS
monoid-extras- extra monoid-related definitions and utilities
monoid-subclasses- of Monoid
mono-traversable-0.7.0Type classes for mapping, folding, and traversing monomorphic containers
mtl- classes, using functional dependencies
mtlparse- library using mtl package
mtl-prelude-1.0.3Reexports of most definitions from "mtl" and "transformers"
multimap-1.2.1A multimap
multipart-0.1.2HTTP multipart split out of the cgi package
MusicBrainz-0.2.3interface to MusicBrainz XML2 web service
mutable-containers- and concrete implementations of mutable containers
mwc-random-, high quality pseudo random number generation
mysql- low-level MySQL client library
mysql-simple- mid-level MySQL client library
nanospec-0.2.0A lightweight implementation of a subset of Hspec's API
nats-1Natural numbers
neat-interpolation-0.2.2A quasiquoter for neat and simple multiline text interpolation
nettle-0.1.0safe nettle binding
network- networking interface
network-conduit-tls-1.1.1Create TLS-aware network code with conduits
network-info- the local computer's basic network configuration
network-multicast-0.0.11Simple multicast library
network-simple- network sockets usage patterns
network-transport- abstraction layer
network-transport-tcp-0.4.1TCP instantiation of Network.Transport
network-transport-tests- tests for Network.Transport implementations
network-uri- manipulation
newtype-0.2A typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes
nsis-0.2.5DSL for producing Windows Installer using NSIS
numbers-3000.2.0.1Various number types
numeric-extras-0.0.3Useful tools from the C standard library
NumInstances-1.4Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples
numtype-1.1Type-level (low cardinality) integers
Octree- unbalanced Octree for storing data about 3D points
old-locale- library
old-time- library
OneTuple-0.2.1Singleton Tuple
opaleye- SQL-generating DSL targeting PostgreSQL
OpenGL- binding for the OpenGL graphics system
OpenGLRaw- raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
openpgp-asciiarmor-0.1OpenPGP (RFC4880) ASCII Armor codec
operational- of difficult monads made easy with operational semantics
options- powerful and easy-to-use command-line option parser
optparse-applicative- and combinators for parsing command line options
osdkeys-0.0Show keys pressed with an on-screen display (Linux only)
pandoc-1.13.2Conversion between markup formats
pandoc-citeproc-0.6Supports using pandoc with citeproc
pandoc-types- for representing a structured document
pango- to the Pango text rendering engine
parallel- programming library
parallel-io-0.3.3Combinators for executing IO actions in parallel on a thread pool
parseargs- argument parsing library for Haskell programs
parsec-3.1.8Monadic parser combinators
parsers- combinators
partial-handler-0.1.0A composable exception handler
path-pieces-0.1.5Components of paths
patience-0.1.1Patience diff and longest increasing subsequence
pcre-light- small, efficient and portable regex library for Perl 5 compatible regular expressions
pdfinfo-1.5.2Wrapper around the pdfinfo command
pem-0.2.2Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format reader and writer
persistent-2.1.2Type-safe, multi-backend data serialization
persistent-mongoDB- for the persistent library using mongoDB
persistent-mysql-2.1.3Backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server
persistent-postgresql-2.1.3Backend for the persistent library using postgresql
persistent-sqlite-2.1.3Backend for the persistent library using sqlite3
persistent-template-2.1.1Type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence
phantom-state- State Transformer. Like State Monad, but without values
pipes-4.1.4Compositional pipelines
pipes-concurrency-2.0.3Concurrency for the pipes ecosystem
pipes-parse-3.0.2Parsing infrastructure for the pipes ecosystem
placeholders-0.1Placeholders for use while developing Haskell code
pointed-4.2Pointed and copointed data
polyparse-1.10A variety of alternative parser combinator libraries
pool-conduit- pool allocations via ResourceT. (deprecated)
postgresql-binary-0.5.1Encoders and decoders for the PostgreSQL's binary format
postgresql-libpq- binding to libpq
postgresql-simple- PostgreSQL client library
pqueue-1.2.1Reliable, persistent, fast priority queues
prefix-units- basic library for SI/binary prefix units
prelude-extras-0.4Haskell 98 - higher order versions of Prelude classes
present-2.2Make presentations for data types
pretty- library
pretty-class- printing class similar to Show
prettyclass- printing class similar to Show
pretty-show- for working with derived `Show` instances and generic inspection of values
primes-, purely functional generation of prime numbers
primitive- memory-related operations
process- libraries
process-conduit- for processes (deprecated)
process-extras-0.2.0Process extras
profunctor-extras-4.0This package has been absorbed into profunctors 4.0
project-template- Haskell project templates and generate files
publicsuffixlist-0.1Is a given string a domain suffix?
punycode-2.0Encode unicode strings to ascii forms according to RFC 3492
pure-io-0.2.1Pure IO monad
pureMD5- Haskell-only implementation of the MD5 digest (hash) algorithm
pwstore-fast-2.4.4Secure password storage API library
QuasiText- QuasiQuoter for Text
QuickCheck-2.7.6Automatic testing of Haskell programs
quickcheck-assertions-0.1.1HUnit like assertions for QuickCheck
quickcheck-instances-0.3.11Common quickcheck instances
quickcheck-io-0.1.1Use HUnit assertions as QuickCheck properties
quickcheck-unicode- and shrink functions for testing Unicode-related software
quickpull- Main module with QuickCheck tests
rainbow- text to terminal with colors and effects
rainbow-tests- and QuickCheck generators to accompany rainbow
random- number library
random-fu- number generation
random-shuffle-0.0.4Random shuffle implementation
random-source- basis for random number generators
rank1dynamic- Data.Dynamic/Data.Typeable but with support for rank-1 polymorphic types
Rasterific-0.4.2A pure haskell drawing engine
raw-strings-qq-1.0.2Raw string literals for Haskell
ReadArgs-1.2.2Simple command line argument parsing
reducers-, specialized containers and a general map/reduce framework
reflection- arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected back into terms
regex-applicative-0.3.1Regex-based parsing with applicative interface
regex-base-0.93.2Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
regex-compat-0.95.1Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
regex-pcre-builtin- Text.Regex
regex-posix-0.95.2Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
regexpr-0.5.4regular expression like Perl/Ruby in Haskell
regex-tdfa-1.2.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
regex-tdfa-rc- Text.Regex
regular- programming library for regular datatypes
regular-xmlpickler-0.2Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using Regular
rematch- simple api for matchers
repa- performance, regular, shape polymorphic parallel arrays
repa-algorithms- using the Repa array library
repa-devil- for image reading and writing of Repa arrays using in-place FFI calls
repa-io- and write Repa arrays in various formats
reroute- implementation of typed and untyped web routing
resource-pool- high-performance striped resource pooling implementation
resourcet- allocation and freeing of scarce resources
rest-client- library for use in generated API client libraries
rest-core- API library
rest-gen- and client generation from rest definition
rest-happstack- driver for Happstack
rest-snap- driver for Snap
rest-stringmap- with stringy keys that can be transcoded to JSON and XML
rest-types- Rest Framework Types
rest-wai- driver for WAI applications
rev-state-0.1Reverse State monad transformer
rfc5051- unicode collation as per RFC5051
runmemo- simple memoization helper library
rvar- Variables
safe-0.3.8Library of safe (exception free) functions
safecopy-0.8.4Binary serialization with version control
scientific- represented using scientific notation
scotty-0.9.0Haskell web framework inspired by Ruby's Sinatra, using WAI and Warp
scrobble- server
securemem-0.1.7abstraction to an auto scrubbing and const time eq, memory chunk
semigroupoid-extras-4.0This package has been absorbed into semigroupoids 4.0
semigroupoids-4.2Semigroupoids: Category sans id
semigroups- that associates
sendfile-0.7.9A portable sendfile library
seqloc- sequence locations for bioinformatics
setenv- cross-platform library for setting environment variables
SHA- of the SHA suite of message digest functions
shake-0.14.3Build system library, like Make, but more accurate dependencies
shake-language-c-0.6.4Utilities for cross-compiling with Shake
shakespeare- toolkit for making compile-time interpolated templates
shakespeare-i18n-1.1.0A type-based approach to internationalization. (deprecated)
shakespeare-text-1.1.0Interpolation with quasi-quotation: put variables strings (deprecated)
shell-conduit-4.5.2Write shell scripts with Conduit
shelly-1.5.7shell-like (systems) programming in Haskell
silently- or capture writing to stdout and other handles
simple-reflect-0.3.2Simple reflection of expressions containing variables
simple-sendfile-0.2.18Cross platform library for the sendfile system call
singletons-1.0A framework for generating singleton types
siphash-1.0.3siphash: a fast short input PRF
skein-, a family of cryptographic hash functions. Includes Skein-MAC as well
slave-thread-0.1.5A principal solution to ghost threads and silent exceptions
smallcheck-1.1.1A property-based testing library
smtLib-1.0.7A library for working with the SMTLIB format
snap- package for the Snap Web Framework
snap-core- A Haskell Web Framework (core interfaces and types)
snaplet-fay- integration for Snap with request- and pre-compilation
snap-server- fast, iteratee-based, epoll-enabled web server for the Snap Framework
socks-0.5.4Socks proxy (version 5) implementation
sodium- Reactive Programming (FRP) System
sourcemap- of source maps as proposed by Google and Mozilla
speculation- framework for safe, programmable, speculative parallelism
sphinx- bindings to the Sphinx full-text searching daemon
split-0.2.2Combinator library for splitting lists
Spock- Haskell web framework for rapid development
Spock-digestive- functors support for Spock
Spock-worker- workers for Spock
spoon-0.3.1Catch errors thrown from pure computations
sqlite-simple- SQLite client library
stackage-0.3.1"Stable Hackage," tools for creating a vetted set of packages from Hackage
stateref-0.3Abstraction for things that work like IORef
statestack- State-like monad transformer with saveable and restorable state
statistics- library of statistical types, data, and functions
statistics-linreg-0.3Linear regression between two samples, based on the 'statistics' package
stm-2.4.4Software Transactional Memory
stm-chans- types of channels for STM
stm-conduit-2.5.4Introduces conduits to channels, and promotes using conduits concurrently
stm-containers-0.2.8Containers for STM
stm-stats- statistics for STM transactions
storable-complex-0.2.2Storable instance for Complex
storable-endian-0.2.5Storable instances with endianness
streaming-commons- lower-level functions needed by various streaming data libraries
streams-3.2Various Haskell 2010 stream comonads
strict-0.3.2Strict data types and String IO
stringable-0.1.3A Stringable type class, in the spirit of Foldable and Traversable
stringbuilder-0.5.0A writer monad for multi-line string literals
stringprep-1.0.0Implements the "StringPrep" algorithm
stringsearch- searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings
stylish-haskell- code prettifier
SVGFonts- from the SVG-Font format
syb-0.4.4Scrap Your Boilerplate
syb-with-class- Your Boilerplate With Class
system-canonicalpath- data type for canonical paths with pretty operations
system-fileio- filesystem interaction across GHC versions
system-filepath-, byte-based file and directory path manipulations
system-posix-redirect- toy module to temporarily redirect a program's stdout
tabular- data tables with rendering functions
tagged-0.7.3Haskell 98 phantom types to avoid unsafely passing dummy arguments
tagshare-0.0TagShare - explicit sharing with tags
tagsoup-0.13.3Parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML/XML documents
tagstream-conduit- html tag parser
tar-, writing and manipulating ".tar" archive files
tardis- state monad transformer
tasty-0.10.1Modern and extensible testing framework
tasty-ant-xml-1.0.1Render tasty output to XML for Jenkins
tasty-golden- tests support for tasty
tasty-hunit-0.9.2HUnit support for the Tasty test framework
tasty-kat-0.0.3Known Answer Tests (KAT) framework for tasty
tasty-quickcheck- support for the Tasty test framework
tasty-smallcheck- support for the Tasty test framework
tasty-th-0.1.3Automagically generate the HUnit- and Quickcheck-bulk-code using Template Haskell
template-haskell- library for Template Haskell
temporary- temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal
temporary-rc- temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal
terminal-progress-bar- simple progress bar in the terminal
terminal-size-0.3.0Get terminal window height and width
terminfo- bindings to the terminfo library
test-framework- for running and organising tests, with HUnit and QuickCheck support
test-framework-hunit- support for the test-framework package
test-framework-quickcheck2- support for the test-framework package
test-framework-th-0.2.4Automagically generate the HUnit- and Quickcheck-bulk-code using Template Haskell
testing-feat- Enumeration of Algebraic Types
testpack- Utililty Pack for HUnit and QuickCheck (unmaintained)
texmath- between formats used to represent mathematics
text- efficient packed Unicode text type
text-binary-0.1.0Binary instances for text types
text-format- formatting
text-icu- to the ICU library
tf-random-0.5High-quality splittable pseudorandom number generator
th-desugar- to desugar Template Haskell
th-expand-syns- type synonyms in Template Haskell ASTs
th-extras- grab bag of functions for use with Template Haskell
th-lift-0.7.2Derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes
th-orphans-0.8.3Orphan instances for TH datatypes
threads- threads and wait for their result
th-reify-many-0.1.3Recurseively reify template haskell datatype info
thyme- faster time library
time-1.4.2A time library
time-compat- with old-time for the time package
time-lens- interface to Data.Time data structures
time-locale-compat- of TimeLocale between old-locale and time-1.5
timezone-olson-0.1.6A pure Haskell parser and renderer for binary Olson timezone files
timezone-series-0.1.4Enhanced timezone handling for Data.Time
tls-1.2.16TLS/SSL protocol native implementation (Server and Client)
tls-debug-0.3.4Set of programs for TLS testing and debugging
tostring- ToString class
transformers- functor and monad transformers
transformers-base-0.4.4Lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack
transformers-compat- small compatibility shim exposing the new types from transformers 0.3 and 0.4 to older Haskell platforms
traverse-with-class- applicative traversals
tree-view-0.4Render trees as foldable HTML and Unicode art
tuple- functions on tuples
type-eq-0.4.2Type equality evidence you can carry around
type-list- on type-level lists and tuples
udbus-0.2.1Small DBus implementation
unbounded-delays- thread delays and timeouts
union-find-0.2Efficient union and equivalence testing of sets
uniplate-1.6.12Help writing simple, concise and fast generic operations
unix- functionality
unix-compat- POSIX-compatibility layer
unix-time-0.3.5Unix time parser/formatter and utilities
unordered-containers- hashing-based container types
uri-encode- aware uri-encoding
url-2.1.3A library for working with URLs
utf8-string-0.3.8Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings
uuid-1.3.9For creating, comparing, parsing and printing Universally Unique Identifiers
uuid-types-1.0.0Type definitions for Universally Unique Identifiers
vault- persistent store for values of arbitrary types
vector- Arrays
vector-algorithms- algorithms for vector arrays
vector-binary-instances- of Data.Binary and Data.Serialize for vector
vector-instances- Instances for 'Data.Vector'
vector-space-0.8.7Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives
vector-space-points-0.2.1A type for points, as distinct from vectors
vector-th-unbox- for Data.Vector.Unboxed using Template Haskell
vhd-0.2.2Provides functions to inspect and manipulate virtual hard disk (VHD) files
void-0.7A Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type
wai- Application Interface
wai-app-static- application for static serving
wai-conduit- wrappers for WAI
wai-eventsource-3.0.0WAI support for server-sent events (deprecated)
wai-extra-3.0.5Provides some basic WAI handlers and middleware
wai-logger-2.2.4A logging system for WAI
wai-middleware-static- middleware that serves requests to static files
wai-websockets- a bridge betweeen WAI and the websockets package
warp- fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications
warp-tls-3.0.3HTTP over SSL/TLS support for Warp via the TLS package
webdriver-0.6.1a Haskell client for the Selenium WebDriver protocol
web-fpco- for web frameworks to ease usage with the FP Complete environment
websockets- sensible and clean way to write WebSocket-capable servers in Haskell
Win32- binding to part of the Win32 library
wizards-1.0.2High level, generic library for interrogative user interfaces
wl-pprint-1.1The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer
wl-pprint-extras- free monad based on the Wadler/Leijen pretty printer
wl-pprint-terminfo- color pretty printer with terminfo support
wl-pprint-text- Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for Text values
word8-0.1.2Word8 library
wordpass- password generator
X11- binding to the X11 graphics library
x509- reader and writer
x509-store-1.5.0X.509 collection accessing and storing methods
x509-system-1.5.0Handle per-operating-system X.509 accessors and storage
x509-validation-1.5.1X.509 Certificate and CRL validation
xenstore-0.1.1Xenstore client access
xhtml-3000.2.1An XHTML combinator library
xml-1.3.14A simple XML library
xml-conduit- utilities for dealing with XML with the conduit package
xmlgen- XML generation library
xml-hamlet- quasiquoter for XML content
xmlhtml- parser and renderer with HTML 5 quirks mode
xml-types-0.3.4Basic types for representing XML
xss-sanitize- untrusted HTML to prevent XSS attacks
yackage- Hackage replacement for testing new packages
yaml- for parsing and rendering YAML documents
Yampa-0.9.6Library for programming hybrid systems
YampaSynth-0.2Software synthesizer
yesod- of type-safe, RESTful web applications
yesod-auth-1.4.4Authentication for Yesod remote authentication support for Yesod apps
yesod-auth-fb-1.6.6Authentication backend for Yesod using Facebook
yesod-auth-hashdb-1.4.2Authentication plugin for Yesod
yesod-auth-oauth2-0.0.12Library to authenticate with OAuth 2.0 for Yesod web applications
yesod-bin- yesod helper executable
yesod-core-1.4.9Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications
yesod-eventsource- events support for Yesod apps
yesod-fay-0.7.1Utilities for using the Fay Haskell-to-JS compiler with Yesod
yesod-fb-0.3.4Useful glue functions between the fb library and Yesod
yesod-form- handling support for Yesod Web Framework
yesod-gitrepo- content provided by a Git repo
yesod-newsfeed- functions and data types for producing News feeds
yesod-persistent- helpers for using Persistent from Yesod
yesod-sitemap- XML sitemaps
yesod-static- file serving subsite for Yesod Web Framework
yesod-test- testing for WAI/Yesod Applications
yesod-text-markdown-0.1.7Yesod support for Text.Markdown
yesod-websockets- support for Yesod
zeromq4-haskell-0.6.3Bindings to ZeroMQ 4.x
zip-archive- for creating and modifying zip archives
zlib- and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats
zlib-bindings- bindings to the zlib package
zlib-enum- interface for zlib compression
zlib-lens- for zlib