snowtify send your result of `stack build` (`stack test`) to notify-daemon :dog2:

LTS Haskell 10.10:
Stackage Nightly 2018-01-29:
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MIT licensed by aiya000
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:snowman: hs-snowtify :snowman:

snowtify send your result of stack build (stack test) to notify-daemon :dog2:


:notes: Usage :notes:

$ snowtify test
(`stack test` results is shown, it is like above screenshot)
$ snowtify build
(same as snowtify test, but stack build is executed)
$ snowtify
(same as snowtify build, snowtify run build by default)

:muscle: Example :muscle:

$ dunst &
(dunst is a notify-daemon)
$ cd <some haskell project directory>
$ watchexec -w . 'snowtify test'
(`stack test` results is shown after you update some file)

:diamonds: How to install this ? :diamonds:

  • This way is never supported now ~~1. Use haskell-stack~~
$ stack install snowtify
    1. Use cabal
$ cabal install snowtify