This package provides the core Edison data structure implementations, including multiple sequence, set, bag, and finite map concrete implementations with various performance characteristics. The implementations in this package have no dependencies other than those commonly bundled with Haskell compilers.


Changes in
* Fix compile problems on GHC 7.10

Changes in 1.3.2
* Add Semigroup instances for all types that previously
had Monoid instances.
* Remove use of depreciated functions in Data.Edison.Assoc.StandardMap

Changes in 1.3.1
* Remove Arbitrary and Coarbitrary instances for Data.Set
and Data.Map. These are now provided by QuickCheck >= 2.8.2

Changes in 1.3
* Updates to compile with GHC 7.10
- Added Applicative and Alternative instances as required
- Disambiguate the types of some operations
- Resolve namespace clashes
* Added stack.yaml file to build with stack

Changes in 1.2.2
* Update edison-core to use QuickCheck version 2.*
* Likewise update the test suite

Changes in
* Minor fix to the StandardMap module to handle the API change
in GHC 6.10

Changes in
* Build system changes to remove mostly-superfulous dependency on
haskell98, and to force dependence on the 1.x branch of QuickCheck.

Changes in
* Build system changes to make GHC 6.8 and cabal >= 1.2.2 happy

Changes in 1.2.1
* New sequence implementation based on Finger Trees
* Add the 'Measured' class to the Data.Edison.Prelude
* Addition of methods to EnumSet to project to a bit-encoded word and to
create an EnumSet from a bit-encoded word
* Additional minor changes to EnumSet
* Fix a boneheaded mistake I made where I claimed most of Edison was
licensed under BSD3, when it is in fact licensed under the MIT license.
The practical differences are minor, and I hope this will not cause too
many problems.

Changes in
* Change use more efficient operations for StandardSet.{filterGT,filterLT}
and StandardMap.{filterLE,filterGE,partitionLE_GT,partitionLT_GE}

Changes in 1.2 final
* Fix documentation for sequences to reflect correct
time complexities

Changes in 1.2rc4
* introduce strict/strictWith operations for all APIs
* add Ord* instances for PatriciaLoMap and TernaryTrie
* add David F. Place's EnumSet implementation
* complete the FiniteMap unit test coverage and fix a bunch
of bugs in finite map implementations
* add 'symmetricDifference' to Collection and
Associated Collection APIs
* add Ord instances for data structures
* add Monoid instances for data structures

Changes in 1.2rc3
* introduce the ambiguous/unambiguous concept and document
all API operations
* factor out methods which "mirror" superclass methods and
make them alises instead
* add lookupAndDelete* methods to associated collections
* change the type of adjustOrDelete* in associated collections
* rename subset/subsetEq to properSubset/subset
* add matching Read and Show instances for all concrete datastructures
* add properSubmap{By} submap{By} and sameMap{By} to the
associated collection API
* add Eq instances for concrete associated collections
* break out the test suite into a separate sub-package

Changes in 1.2rc2
* add strict variants of all folds and reduces
* reverse argument orders to 'rcons' and 'lookup*' in
* add symbolic operators for lcons, rcons, append, and lookup
from the Sequence API
* add symbolic operators for subsetEq, difference, intersection
and union from the set API
* rename 'single' to 'singleton' in all APIs
* reaame 'intersect' to 'intersection' in Collection and
Associated Collection APIs
* add 'adjustOrInsert' to the Associated Collection API

Changes in 1.2rc1
* modules re-organized into a hierarchy
* user's guide distributed throughout source code
as Haddock comments
* use cabal for build system
* add Data.Edison module to re-export typeclasses
* reorder 'lookup*' and 'find*' methods for
Collections and Associated Collections
* add 'unsafeMapMonotonic' to main Collection API
* organize QuickCheck properties into a full test suite
* add a 'structuralInvariant' method to all APIs, for
unit testing
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