A lightweight plotting library, exporting to SVG

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Marco Zocca
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A lightweight plotting library, exporting to SVG

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plot-light provides functionality for rendering vector graphics as SVG. It is geared in particular towards scientific plotting, and it is termed “light” because it only requires a few common Haskell dependencies and no external libraries. It builds upon blaze-svg by adding type-safe combinators, geometry primitives and functionality.


To use this project you just need import Graphics.Rendering.Plot.Light. If GHC complains of name clashes you can import the module in “qualified” form.


Available on Hackage : in the Graphics.Rendering.Plot.Light module


You can use plot-light in your own projects (either personal, academic or commercial). All feedback such as comments, bug reports, new documentation, feature requests and patches is welcome.


BSD-3, see LICENSE file


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