Type level numbers implemented using type families.

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Alexey Khudyakov

This is type level numbers implemented using type families. Natural numbers use binary encoding. With default context stack numbers up to 2^18-1 coudl be represented. Signed integer numbers use balanced ternary encoding.

Package is structured as folows:

  • [TypeLevel.Number.Classes] contain generic type families such as Add

  • [TypeLevel.Number.Nat] natural numbers implemented using binary encoding

  • [TypeLevel.Number.Int] signed integers implemented using balanced ternary encoding

  • [TypeLevel.Boolean] type level booleans

So far comparison of numbers, subtraction and multiplication of numbers are supported.


Changes in

* Type level addition is fixed for GHC 7.6

* Test suite added to cabal file

Changes in

* withNat, withInt, SomeNat and SomeInt added.

Changes in

* Fix build for GHC 7.4

Changes in

* Fix URL in cabal file

Changes in

* Workaround for GHC bug #4364 (Build failure on GHC 7.0)
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