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Exact rational multiples of pi (and integer powers of pi) in Haskell

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  • Comply with NoStarIsType pragma.

  • Add Semigroup ExactPi instance.

  • Bump base dependency.

  • Fixed infinite loop in definition of negate.

  • Added function for computing rational approximations of ExactPi values.

  • Added simpler constraints for converting ExactPi types to terms with the minimal context.

  • Added support for exactly comparing values.

  • Added a type-level representation of ExactPi values.

  • Fixed a bug in recip.
  • Fixed approximation of exact values with a negative exponent for pi.

  • Fixed a missing case in isZero.

  • Added support for converting to exact integers or exact rationals.

  • Removed dependency on groups package, since it appears not to be widely used.
  • Fixed a missing case alternative in recip.

  • Added support for GHC 7.8.
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