BSD-3-Clause licensed by Adam Bergmark
Maintained by [email protected]
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A FFI wrapper for DOM functions for use with Fay. It includes functions for the more commonly used DOM features. See fay-jquery if you want wrappers for jQuery.


Just install it with cabal:

$ cabal install fay-dom

Then include it at the top of your file.hs:

import DOM

fay-dom uses fay-text so you probably want to enable OverloadedStrings and RebindableSyntax when using this package.

Finally, build the javascript including the package, as explained on the wiki:

$ fay --package fay-text,fay-dom file.hs

Development Status

Rudimentary at the moment. Functions will be added when people find the need for them. A lot of what this library could do already exists in fay-jquery, but if anyone wants to write Fay without jQuery feel free to add whatever is missing.


Fork on!

Any enhancements are welcome.

The github master might require the latest fay master, available at faylang/fay.


  • Allow fay-base 0.20.*


  • use Data.Text from fay-base and drop dependency on fay-text.


  • Changed to use fay-text instead of String (Willem van den Ende)