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A FocusList is a sequence of elements which has one element as its Focus. It supports quick insertion and indexing by its implementation with Seq.


Here is a short example of using FocusList.

module Main where

import Data.FocusList
  ( Focus(Focus), FocusList, appendFL, fromListFL, getFocusItemFL, prependFL
  , singletonFL
import Data.Foldable (toList)

-- | Create a new 'FocusList' from a list.  You must set the 'Focus' of the new
-- 'FocusList'.  The 'Focus' is counting from zero, so the @goat@ element should
-- have the 'Focus'.
-- If you try to specify a 'Focus' out of range from the input list,
-- 'fromListFL' will return 'Nothing'.
myFocusList :: Maybe (FocusList String)
myFocusList = fromListFL (Focus 2) ["hello", "bye", "goat", "dog"]

-- | You can get the focused element from an existing 'FocusList'
-- If the 'FocusList' is empty, this returns 'Nothing'.
myFocusElement :: FocusList String -> Maybe String
myFocusElement focuslist = getFocusItemFL focuslist

-- | You can append to either side of a 'FocusList'.
-- 'singletonFL' creates a 'FocusList' with a single element.
-- That single element will have the 'Focus'.
-- 'myFocusListAppended' will have a value of
-- @FocusList (Focus 1) ["bye", "hello", "foobar"]@
myFocusListAppended :: FocusList String
myFocusListAppended =
  prependFL "bye" (appendFL (singletonFL "hello") "foobar")

-- | 'FocusList' is an instance of 'Functor' and 'Foldable', so you can use
-- functions like 'fmap' and 'toList' on a 'FocusList'.
fmapAndConvertToList :: FocusList Int -> [String]
fmapAndConvertToList focuslist = toList (fmap show focuslist)

main :: IO ()
main = do
  putStrLn "myFocusList:"
  print myFocusList

  putStrLn "\nmyFocusListAppended:"
  print myFocusListAppended

  putStrLn "\nmyFocusElement myFocusListAppended:"
  print (myFocusElement myFocusListAppended)

  putStrLn "\nfmap length myFocusListAppended:"
  print (fmap length myFocusListAppended)

  putStrLn "\nfmapAndConvertToList (fmap length myFocusListAppended):"
  print (fmapAndConvertToList (fmap length myFocusListAppended))



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