Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Library

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MPL-2.0 licensed by Kowainik
Maintained by [email protected]
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This package provides core types and functions to work with the LogAction data type which is both simple and powerful.

newtype LogAction m msg = LogAction
    { unLogAction :: msg -> m ()

The ideas behind this package are described in the following blog post:


Change log

co-log-core uses PVP Versioning. The change log is available on GitHub.

0.1.1 — Nov 15, 2018

  • #63: Add logPrint, logPrintStderr, logPrintHandle and withLogPrintFile to Colog.Core.IO.
  • #46: Moves logStringStdout, logStringStderr, logStringHandle, withLogStringFile from Colog.Actions to Colog.Core.IO.
  • #48: Adds liftLogIO function.
  • #49: Add <& and &>operators for unLogAction.
  • #47: Add doctest tests.
  • #13: Add .cabal file description and improve documentation.
  • #39: Support GHC-8.2.2 and GHC-8.6.2.


  • #38: Rename cbind to cmapM.

  • #37: Add base bounds.


  • Initially created.