Data.Text helpers for optparse-applicative https://github.com/passy/optparse-text#readme

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Pascal Hartig
Maintained by Pascal Hartig

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Helpers for optparse-applicative to deal with Data.Text.


import qualified Data.Text                 as T
import qualified Options.Applicative       as Opt
import qualified Options.Applicative.Text  as OptT

data Options = Options { text    :: T.Text
                       , textArg :: T.Text
                       , textOpt :: T.Text }
  deriving (Eq, Show)

optParser :: Opt.Parser Options
optParser = Options <$> Opt.argument OptT.text ( Opt.metavar "TEXT" )
                 <*> OptT.textArgument ( Opt.metavar "TEXT2" )
                 <*> OptT.textOption ( Opt.long "textopt" )


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You may want to consider using optparse-generic which has built-in support for Text and provides a very convient generic interface to optparse avoiding a lot of boilerplate.

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