Countable, Searchable, Finite, Empty classes

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Module documentation for 1.0

  • class Countable, for countable types

  • class AtLeastOneCountable, for countable types that have at least one value

  • class InfiniteCountable, for infinite countable types

  • class Searchable, for types that can be searched over. This turns out to include some infinite types, see

  • class Finite, for finite types

  • class Empty, for empty types

  • data Nothing, an empty type

Some orphan instances:

  • (Searchable a,Eq b) => Eq (a -> b)

  • (Finite t) => Foldable ((->) t)

  • (Finite a) => Traversable ((->) a)

  • (Show a,Finite a,Show b) => Show (a -> b)

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