BSD-3-Clause licensed by Vivian McPhail
Maintained by haskell.vivian.mcphail <at> gmail <dot> com
A simple scientific library for Haskell


See the INSTALL file.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -----------------------------------------------------

I thank ALberto Ruiz for hmatrix, especially for setup files which I
have shamelessly copied and modified

renamed from hstatistics
added prob to Histogram, Histogram2D
changed return of getBins to curried form
fixed bug - not dividing by sum - prob for Histogram2D
minor improvements
added emptyRanges, emptyLimits to Histogram(2D)
fixed lack of random0_dist
changed random_mm_dist to random_mp_dist
changed discrete_mm_dist to discrete_mp_dist
added Binary instances of Histogram(2D)
added Histogram2D.fromMatrix
fixed y limits in Histogram2D.fromLimitsIO
fixed Histogram(2D)PDF sampling
removed warning causes in Distribution.Discrete/Continuous
added fromVectors, modified fromMatrix in Histogram(2D)
added countInstance, probability to Histogram(2D)
added probPair to Histogram2D
fixed imports to reflect changes in hmatrix
fixed imports to reflect changes in hmatrix
fixed imports to reflect changes in hmatrix
hmatrix- release
changed import from Numeric.Container to Numeric.LinearAlgebra in Histogram.hs (strange)
changed base to >= 4
hmatrix now has find, fix Histogram(2D)
fixed indentation that prevented compilation with ghc-7.2

Joachim Fasting fixed Numeric.GSL.Fitting.Linear.multifit
fixed .cabal repository line
fixed warning about CInt constructor not being exposed
use System.IO.Unsafe.unsafePerformIO not from Foreign
removed reference to '-fvector' from the .cabal file

add `cmat` to `app` FFI calls for matrices

Update build configuration : copied from hmatrix

Added vectors of samples
fixed int declaration for for loops
fixed up some C errors in distribution-aux.c
bumped hmatrix dependency
added gsl to library dependencies
removed inline modifier from statistics-aux.c
fixed CInt -> CUInt in discrete_1p_v FFI call

added RNG type to pass between calls to RNG

changed discrete distribution return from Int to Word32 to match C uint
remove Config.hs and configure
update for hmatrix 0.17
lower vector package bound
set upper bound for hmatrix so it complies
(changes in hmatrix 0.18)
update for hmatrix 0.18
uncommented statistics functions (woops!)
trommler made -msse2 conditional
fixed segfault in some statistics functions (argument order)
Depends on 5 packages:
Used by 2 packages:
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