Libary for parsing dates in strings in varied formats.


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fuzzy-dates is a Haskell library for parsing dates when you don’t know/care to specify the format of the dates beforehand. It returns dates and times in the hourglass format.

It is heavily based off of https://gitlab.com/doshitan/hourglass-fuzzy-parsing, which had not been updated for over 2 years at the time of writing, so I created this library, and added numerous new date formats to it.


Import the main module, then call one of the extract dates functions, like so:

>>> import Data.Dates.Parsing
>>> extractDatesY 2018 "The party will be on 6/9"
[Date 2018 June 9]
>>> import Data.Dates.Parsing
>>> extractDateTimes "This morning, 06.07.16 at 7:35 AM, the fire was stopped." :: IO [DateTime]
[DateTime {dtDate = Date {dateYear = 2016, dateMonth = July, dateDay = 6}, dtTime = TimeOfDay {todHour = 7h, todMin = 35m, todSec = 0s, todNSec = 0ns}}]


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