BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Oleg Grenrus

Module documentation for 0.2.2

This version can be pinned in stack with:insert-ordered-containers-0.2.2@sha256:987a0bd7fa85016d03ee3883d9c4878b5d18e796c8f1a19b619f4a6b11b391c2,2273


Associative containers retaining insertion order for traversals.


  • 0.2.2

    • Add Data.HashSet.InsOrd

    • Fix Traversable, TraversableWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex to traverse in insertion order (#12)
    • Add unorderedTraverse, unorderedTraverseWithKey, unoderedFoldMap, and unorderedFoldMapWithKey.
    • union doesn’t overflow the internal counter (#10)

    • Use aeson-1
    • removed our FromJSONKey and ToJSONKey in favour of aeson variants
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