BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Dimitri Sabadie
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Depends on 2 packages(full list with versions):

OpenAL is a minimalistic sound API that aims to provide bare features for spacialized audio. The API looks like the OpenGL one, thus the libs are pretty great together. Up to now, no OpenAL extension is supported. You're highly invited to contribute ;). EAX is not supported yet either. It'll be embedded in future releases, soon. In order to build and install "al", you'll need to have pkg-config installed. For Ubuntu users, there might be a bug with pkg-config. If the install fails, consider using cabal install al your OpenAL setup is located to – you can help find that with find / -name al.h@.


  • Fixed some compilation warnings.
  • Added support for c2hs-0.28.

  • Added support for c2hs 0.2.*.


  • Mac OS X support (frameworks).

  • Added support for pkg-config (UNIX only)

  • Added support for c2hs 0.25.*.


  • Added support for GHC 7.10.1 and lower base.


  • Everything runs in (MonadIO m) => m a instead of IO a now on.

  • Relaxed upper bounds on c2hs to enable the use of c2hs-0.24.*.

  • alcIsExtensionSupported doesn’t exist; it’s a typo. Renamed alcIsExtensionPresent.

  • Fixed a few bugs about architecture compilation.


  • Fixed linker issues.
  • Added flag to select stdcall.

  • Fixed alcOpenDevice.

  • Default paths for Windows.

  • .cabal information added.


  • Initial release.