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This package provides a parser and printer for Jira wiki markup. It converts the raw text into an abstract syntax tree. The tree is easy to handle and to translate into different output formats.


This package is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.



jira-wiki-markup uses PVP Versioning. The changelog is available on GitHub.


Released 2019-12-17.

  • Add Doc datatype representing a full document; parse now returns this type.
  • Improve parsing:
    • double-backslash is recognized as linebreak;
    • emoticons are parsed as Emoji;
    • special sequences of dashes are translated into their unicode representation;
    • naked URLs are parsed as AutoLink;
    • blocks of colored text are parsed as Color;
    • interpretation of special characters as markup can be forced by surrounding them with curly braces.
  • A parser plainText was added available to read markup-less text.
  • Inline-parser symbol was renamed to specialChar.
  • Add printer module to render the document AST as Jira markup.
  • Markup datatype changes:
    • new Block elements Color and HorizontalRule.
    • new Inline elements Emoji, and Styled.
    • Inline constructors Subscript, Superscript, Emph, Strong, Inserted, and Deleted have been remove. Use Styled instead.
    • Constructor Image now takes a list of parameters as an additional argument.
  • CI runs also test GHC 8.8.


  • Ensure proper parsing of backslash-escaped characters.


  • Initially created.