merge two ordered Producers into a new Producer


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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Stephan Schiffels
Maintained by [email protected]
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A function to tie together two sorted Haskell Iterators (Producers from the pipes library).


import Pipes (runEffect, (>->), each)
import qualified Pipes.Prelude as P
import Pipes.OrderedZip (orderedZip)

main = do
    let a = each [1,3,4,6,8] -- has to be ordered
        b = each [2,3,4,5,8] -- has to be ordered
    let mergedProd = orderedZip compare a b
    _ <- runEffect $ mergedProd >-> P.print
    return ()


(Just 1,Nothing)
(Nothing,Just 2)
(Just 3,Just 3)
(Just 4,Just 4)
(Nothing,Just 5)
(Just 6,Nothing)
(Just 8,Just 8)


  • Version Initial commit with example, tests and haddock

  • Version Added a note that input sequences have to be sorted.

  • V 1.1.0: Added new function to check ordering of incoming pipes