Would you like to have nice, up-to-date license/copyright headers in your source code files but hate to manage them by hand? Then Headroom is the right tool for you! Now you can define your license header as Mustache template, put all the variables (such as author’s name, year, etc.) into the [YAML][wiki:yaml] config file and Headroom will take care to add such license headers to all your source code files.


See the GitHub project page for more details.



All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. (released 2020-05-08)

  • Minor improves in generated .headroom.config in init mode (released 2020-05-04)

  • [#45] Add -c|--check-headers command line option
  • Bump LTS Haskell to 15.11 (released 2020-04-30)

  • [#47] Make possible to build Headroom with GHC 8.10
  • Remove unused dependency on text package. (released 2020-04-29)

  • [#41] Add --dry-run option to allow test run without changing files.
  • [#44] Don’t touch files whose contents have not changed.
  • [#46] Add -e|--excluded-path=REGEX option to exclude source paths.
  • Bump LTS Haskell to 15.10.
  • Remove unused dependencies. (released 2020-04-25)

  • [#28] Allow license headers to be anywhere in the file, not only at the very beginning.
  • [#31] Render templates for each source file instead of once (blocker for [#25])
  • [#32] Allow custom user configuration for license headers.
  • [#34] Support for Rust
  • [#35] Support for Bash
  • [#36] Support for C/C++
  • [#38] Add -a|--add-headers command-line option
  • bump LTS Haskell to 15.9 (released 2020-03-23)

  • [#24] Added Init command that automatically creates initial Headroom configuration and set of templates.
  • bump LTS Haskell to 15.5 (released 2020-03-06)

  • FIXED: missing test-data/ folder in dist tarball prevents tests execution
  • bump LTS Haskell to 15.2 (released 2020-02-26)

  • FIXED: missing embedded/ folder in dist tarball for Hackage prevents successful build using Cabal
  • bump LTS Haskell to 15.1 (released 2020-02-20)

  • initial release