BSD-3-Clause licensed by Dennis Gosnell, Felix Paulusma
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This package provides various typeclass instances for the plain-text password and hashed password datatypes from the password package.


Changelog for password-instances

  • Fixed README markdown for hackage.

  • No longer re-exports anything from password to be more predictable and in line with other ...-instances packages like quickcheck-instances and vector-instances. #8
  • Added instances for “forbidden” type classes with custom type errors. #8
  • GHC versions < 8.2 are no longer actively supported. (Tested to work for GHC 8.2.2)

  • Various changes re-exported from the password package. #6

  • Small fix to make sure the doctests build with stack. #3

  • Added instance for PersistFieldSql for PassHash.

  • Added instance for PersistField for PassHash.

  • Initial version.