Orphan instances for TH datatypes

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Matt Morrow, Michael Sloan, Ryan Scott
Maintained by Ryan Scott
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Orphan instances for TH datatypes


0.13.10 [2020.04.13]

  • Implement liftTyped in the Lift Bytes instance.

0.13.9 [2019.09.28]

  • Implement qReifyType (introduced in template-haskell- for the Quasi instances defined in th-orphans.

0.13.8 [2019.09.04]

  • Backport the Bounded instance for Extension (from Language.Haskell.TH.LanguageExtensions), which was introduced in template-haskell-

0.13.7 [2019.03.24]

  • Backport the MonadFail Q instance.
  • Allow building with template-haskell-2.16 by manually implementing Lift for Bytes. See #27

0.13.6 [2018.07.01]

  • Allow building with template-haskell-2.14.
  • Implement qAddForeignFilePath and qAddTempFile for Quasi instances

0.13.5 [2018.01.18]

  • Implement qAddCorePlugin for Quasi instances

0.13.4 [2017.07.26]

  • Implement qAddForeignFile for Quasi instances

0.13.3 [2016.11.09]

  • Backport Generic NameFlavour instance