BSD-3-Clause licensed by Pavan Rikhi
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Immortal Queue

immortal-queue Build Status

A Haskell library for building a pool of queue-processing worker threads, leveraging the immortal package.


To use this library, build an ImmortalQueue value describing how to manipulate and process your queue. Then you start start the pool using the processImmortalQueue function and close or kill it with closeImmortalQueue or killImmortalQueue.

For a simple example using a TQueue, please refer to the haddock documentation for the module.

For a more complex example that uses a persistent database as a queue backend, see the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange’s Workers module.


You can build the project with stack:

stack build

For development, you can enable fast builds with file-watching, documentation-building, & test-running:

stack test --haddock --fast --file-watch --pedantic

To build & open the documentation, run:

stack haddock --open immortal-queue



The original code for this package was lifted from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange’s website.




  • Fix lower-bound on the immortal package
  • Add support for GHC v7


  • Initial release