A library for working with .cabal files

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Cabal Development Team
Maintained by [email protected]
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This library provides tools for reading and manipulating the .cabal file format.

Version 3.6 (unlike the following versions) is a dummy package that prevents module name clases between Cabal and Cabal-syntax if used together with a Cabal flag as described below.

In Cabal-3.7 this package was split off. To avoid module name clashes, you can add this to your .cabal file:

flag Cabal-syntax
  description: Use the new Cabal-syntax package
  default: False
  manual: False

  -- ...
  if flag(Cabal-syntax)
    build-depends: Cabal-syntax >= 3.7
    build-depends: Cabal < 3.7, Cabal-syntax < 3.7

This will default to the older build, but will allow consumers to opt-in to the newer libraries by requiring Cabal or Cabal-syntax >= 3.7