BSD-3-Clause licensed by Akshay Mankar
Maintained by [email protected]
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Implementation of jsonpath as described by Steffen Göessner.

State of this library

This library is still work in progress, but feel free to use it create issues. It lacks some features and has a few variances from the description.

Missing Features

  • The Length funtion: The ability to say $.length. It will just look for length key as of now.
  • ScriptExpression: The ability to say things like $.book[(3+1)]


  • The $ sign in the beginning is not compulsory
  • The $..* will not produce the root object itself.

Shout out to JSON-Path-Test-Suite

I have copied a few of the tests from there, I will probably just sub-module the repository if and when the whole test suite is green.


I am using this library to support GCP authentication in the Kubernetes haskell client.


Changelog for jsonpath-hs


  • BreakingChange: Fix typo in BeginningPoint.
  • Fix typo in parser error.


  • Remove upper bounds from dependencies, as most of them are quite stable packages.


  • Import Data.Semigroup to support GHC 8.
  • Add test json files to make sure test sdist compile and runs.


  • Start the project.

Unreleased changes