BSD-3-Clause licensed by Michael Snoyman
Maintained by [email protected]
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Markdown for haskell

NOTE This package is deprecated and no longer supported. Instead, please consider using cmark or cmark-gfm.

This is a haskell library for converting markdown to HTML. It’s written in pure haskell. Also read the more technical description on stackage.

Use with yesod

For use with yesod, check out yesod-text-markdown.


Changelog for markdown

  • Support xss-sanitize 0.3.7 #39

  • One more fix for test suite, now works on Windows as well

  • Fix the previous test fix

  • Make test suite slightly more resilient to escaping rules

  • Remove OPTIONS_HADDOCK hide


  • Support GHC 8.4.1


  • Add setNoFollowExternal


  • defaultMarkdownSettings


  • Handle named entities #30

  • Drop system-filepath

Fixes for GHC 7.10


Add msAddHeadingId.


Support for two spaces at end of line to create a linebreak.