Provides a quasi-quoter for raw SQL for persistent

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MIT licensed and maintained by Michael Snoyman
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Provides sqlQQ and executeQQ.


Changelog for persistent-qq

  • Support aeson-2 in the test suite #1351

  • Support GHC 9. #1265
  • Clarify lower bounds on persistent for the test suite. #1274

  • Decomposed HaskellName into ConstraintNameHS, EntityNameHS, FieldNameHS. Decomposed DBName into ConstraintNameDB, EntityNameDB, FieldNameDB respectively. #1174

  • Support persistent-2.11 in the test suite #1170


  • Add interpolation support for multirow VALUES syntax (*{rows}) #1111

  • Compatibility with latest persistent-template for test suite #1002


  • Added support for list of values in sqlQQ. #819


  • Initial release, code separated from persistent