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Maintained by [email protected]
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Pretty printing a diff of two values.


import qualified Pretty.Diff as Diff
import Data.Default (def)

Diff.pretty def "1234" "_23"

Will create a string that looks like this:

 ▼ ▼


  • more small fix

  • small fix for different line number count

  • small fix for smaller diff context

  • pretty/above/below take Text instead of Show a allowing the user to decide how to turn stuff into a string.
  • pretty render multiline input nicely
    • config takes a multilineContext to param to specify how much around the diff to

  • I messed this release up :-( is correct.

  • Relax version bounds to support tasty-1.4

  • Relax version bounds to support Diff-0.4

  • Relax version bounds to support tasty-1.3.x and Diff-0.4

  • Initial implementation.