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This package is a database of link shortcuts. A Markdown example: [Google](@w) turns into

It’s intended to be used in wikis and text markup converters (such as Pandoc) and anywhere else where humans may be entering links.



shortcut-links uses PVP Versioning. The changelog is available on GitHub. — Jan 27, 2021

  • Drop support of GHC-8.2.2.
  • Update supported version to GHC-8.10.3.
  • Cover doctests in all modules.
  • Update copyrights. — May 6, 2020

  • #10: Support GHC-8.10.1. Move to support of GHC-8.8.3 instead of 8.8.1.
  • #9: Add more Haskell shortcuts: hackage, stackage, haskell and cabal.
  • #1: Add telegram shortcut links.
  • #3: Treat # correctly in wikipedia links. - Dec 26, 2019

  • Support GHC-8.8.1.
  • Update maintenance info.

  • Fixed links to GHC extensions.

  • Added useShortcutFrom.
  • @ is now allowed in Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket nicks.

  • Exported useShortcut (gee).

  • Exported Shortcut.
  • Renamed “braumeister” to “brew” (it still uses Braumeister, but this can change in the future).

  • Added shortcut names to their descriptions.

  • Descriptions of shortcuts look much better now.
  • “sublime” was renamed to “sublimepc”, since it’s possible that some other package manager for Sublime Text would emerge in the future.
  • Shortcut “tvt” for TV Tropes was removed – it’s just “tvtropes” now.
  • “facebook” can link to profiles by their ID.
  • “tvtropes” properly capitalises names of categories (if given as an option) – previously you needed to write e.g. “SugarWiki”, now “sugar wiki” works too.

First release.