MIT licensed and maintained by Boris Buliga
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This library provides abstract data type named Filesystem.CanonicalPath.CanonicalPath and some useful functions for working with it.


  • fix environment variables test suite

  • fix and update test suites

  • remove UnsafePath data type. It was synonym to FilePath and was confusing me sometimes, so I decided to cut it off
  • rename cpathToText to toText'
  • remove pathToText and textToPath
  • export toText and fromText from Filesystem.Path.CurrentOS
  • export fromPrelude and toPrelude functions
  • improve performance (path canonicalization now is performed 1.6x faster than before)
  • improve canonicalPath error messages. Most important - now it respects errors from System.Directory.canonicalizePath
  • add tests
  • add travis support
  • update documentation

  • add cpathToText that converts CanonicalPath to Text
  • update base version constraints

  • add functions that return unit instead of CanonicalPath to Directory module

  • add CanonicalPath constructors that works with Text instead of UnsafePath

  • most of functions are in MonadIO m now instead of IO

  • add writeFile’
  • add some type conversion functions
  • update documentation

  • Filesystem.CanonicalPath.Directory implementation
  • Add documentation

  • Initial implementation of library