BSD-3-Clause licensed by Manuel Bärenz
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Module documentation for 0.2.7

essence-of-live-coding is a general purpose and type safe live coding framework.

You can run programs in it, and edit, recompile and reload them while they're running. Internally, the state of the live program is automatically migrated when performing hot code swap.

The library also offers an easy to use FRP interface. It is parametrized by its side effects, separates data flow cleanly from control flow, and allows to develop live programs from reusable, modular components. There are also useful utilities for debugging and quickchecking.

This library contains a single-threaded interface to the WARP web server. WAI applications can be run this way.


Revision history for essence-of-live-coding-warp


  • Tweak performance


  • Made backend nonblocking


  • Simple single-threaded version