HUnit support for the Tasty test framework.


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LTS Haskell 22.28:0.10.2
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-13:0.10.2
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MIT licensed and maintained by Roman Cheplyaka
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HUnit support for the Tasty test framework.

Note that this package does not depend on HUnit but implements the relevant subset of its API. The name is a legacy of the early versions of tasty-hunit and of test-framework-hunit, which did depend on HUnit.




The only point of this release is to introduce compatibility with GHCs back to 7.0 (see https://github.com/feuerbach/tasty/pull/287).

Note, however, that these changes are not merged to the master branch, and the future releases will only support the GHC/base versions from the last 5 years, as per our usual policy. To test with even older GHCs, you’ll have to use this particular version of tasty-hunit (or have the constraint solver pick it for you when testing with older GHCs).

The source of this release is in the support-old-ghcs branch of the tasty repository.


Catch all exceptions and time each step in testCaseSteps


Un-deprecate (@?) and AssertionPredicable and improve their docs

Version 0.10

  • Make assertFailure’s return type polymorphic
  • When a test fails, print the source location of the failing assertion
  • Deprecate Assertable, AssertionPredicate, AssertionPredicable, (@?)

Version 0.9.2

Add testCaseInfo for tests that return some information upon success

Version 0.9.1

Add testCaseSteps for multi-step tests


Split the changelog out of the main tasty changelog

Version 0.9

tasty-hunit now does not depend on the original HUnit package. The functions that were previously re-exported from HUnit have been simply copied to tasty-hunit.

This is motivated by:

  • efficiency (one less package to compile/install)
  • reliability (if something happens with HUnit, we won’t be affected)

The two packages are still compatible, except for the name clashes and distinct exception types being thrown on assertion failures.


Fix unbuildable haddock

Version 0.8

  • Exceptions are now handled by tasty rather than by HUnit
  • Update to tasty-0.8

Version 0.4.1

Do not re-export HUnit’s Testable class

Version 0.2

Re-export useful bits of Test.HUnit from Test.Tasty.HUnit