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Fix excessive connections during releases due to race conditions.

Fix connections not returning to the pool on exceptions.

Fixed Windows build.


release became reusable. You can use it to destroy the whole pool (same as before), but now also you can use it to reset the connections.

Acquisition timeout added.

Breaking changes in API:

  • Removed PoolIsReleasedUsageError
  • acquire extended with the acquisition timeout parameter
  • acquireDynamically extended with the acquisition timeout parameter


Added support for dynamic connection configuration (issue #11).

Fixed connections not being released if they were in use during the call to release.


Added Exception for UsageError.


Simplified the implementation a lot by removing the notion of timeout.


  • Removed the Settings type
  • Changed the signature of acquire


Moved away from “resource-pool” and fixed the handling of lost connections.


  • Changed the suffix of UsageError constructors from Error to UsageError
  • Added PoolIsReleasedUsageError