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“memfd” (memory file descriptor) memfd lets us open memory-only files that are not linked into a directory and are not backed by persistent storage. Such a file is described as an “anonymous file”. It behaves like a regular file, and so can be modified, truncated, memory-mapped, and so on. However, unlike a regular file, it lives in RAM and has a volatile backing storage. Once all references to the file are dropped, it is automatically released.

This feature is only available on Linux.

The recommended way to import this library is:

import qualified Memfd

There is one central function:

create :: CreateOptions -> IO Fd

Fd stands for “file descriptor”. Here are some things you can do with a file descriptor:

Changes (2023-03-24)

Remove unneeded CApiFFI language flag (2023-03-15)

Support GHC 9.6 (2022-01-01)

Support GHC 9.4 (2022-06-13)

Add Memfd.defaultCreateOptions (2022-06-13)

Initial release