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Revision history for tasty-hedgehog – 2023-03-15

  • Support base 4.18 (GHC 9.6)
  • Improve suggested test replay command – 2022-10-12

  • Support hedgehog-1.2. This is a breaking change due to hedgehog’s new mechanism for skipping to a particular test and shrink result. The --hedgehog-replay option now expects a Skip value and a Seed, for example: stack test --test-arguments='--pattern "$NF ~ /badReverse involutive fails/" --hedgehog-replay "3:b2 Seed 10332913068362713902 1302058653756691475"' (#63) – 2022-10-03

  • The instructions for reproducing test failures are now more clearly distinguished from hedgehog’s own instructions and include a pattern in the example to limit which tests are re-run. (#62) – 2022-08-22

  • The testProperty function has been undeprecated. Its behaviour differs from that in version and below in that it now passes no PropertyName to Hedgehog. Therefore, Hedgehog will render the text <property> in its instructions for reproducing test failures, as opposed to whatever description is provided for testProperty. – 2022-03-07

  • Add testPropertyNamed function and deprecate testProperty. – 2021-04-03

  • Add fromGroup function – 2021-01-25

  • Automatically enable or disable colour, based on the same criteria that hedgehog itself checks. – 2020-01-16

  • Upgrade to hedgehog-1.0.2 – 2019-05-22

  • Fixed test result reporting to made plain hedgehog’s messages (fixes #30) – 2019-05-17

  • Removed support for GHC < 8
  • Upgrade to hedgehog-1 – 2018-03-13

  • Removes the verbosity option, which was unsupported
  • Fixes a bug in configuration option handling, which was overwriting use configuration with the defaults. – 2018-01-22

  • Ease bounds to allow for tasty 1.0. – 2018-08-24

  • Exposed the various tasty options. – 2017-08-24

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.