Apache-2.0 licensed by Chris Martin
Maintained by Chris Martin, Julie Moronuki
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This package defines Template Haskell support for ASCII, including quasi-quoters for expressing ASCII strings.

Changes (2023-06-26)

Raise language to GHC2021 (2023-01-06)

The constraints on lower and upper quasi-quotations in an expression context are changes from FromString to ToCasefulString 'LowerCase and ToCasefulString 'UpperCase respectively. This expands the range of types inhabited by lower/uppercase quotes to include ASCII'lower and ASCII'upper, which were previously not able to be expressed using quasi-quotations.

Additions to ASCII.TemplateHaskell:

upperStringExp, lowerStringExp :: [CaselessChar] -> Q Exp (2023-01-03)

New in ASCII.QuasiQuoters:

  • caseless
  • upper
  • lower

New in ASCII.TemplateHaskell:

  • caselessListExp
  • caselessListPat
  • caselessIsStringPat (2023-01-03)

Change ascii-superset version from 1.0 to 1.1

The constraints on the quasi-quotes and template-haskell splices have changed accordingly with the changes to the classes as of ascii-superset-1.1. (2023-01-02)

Change test suite from hedgehog to hspec (2023-01-02)

Minor Cabal correction (change extra-doc-files to extra-source-files) (2022-12-30)

Metadata changes only (2022-10-04)

Drop support for base 4.11 (GHC 8.4) and base 4.12 (GHC 8.6) (2022-03-22)

Switch test-suite over to hedgehog (2022-01-09)

Support GHC 9.2 (2021-09-26)

Add a test suite (2021-02-10)

Support GHC 9.0 (2020-05-18)

Support GHC 8.10 (2020-05-05)

Initial release