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The stm Package Build Status

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Changelog for stm package Aug 2022

  • Teach flushTBQueue to only flush queue when necessary
  • Introduce Control.Concurrent.STM.TMVar.writeTMVar
  • Add Semigroup and Monoid instances for STM Dec 2021

  • Fix non-exhaustive patterns warning (#49)

  • Document particulars of effect-rollback of Control.Monad.STM.throwSTM (#32) May 2020

  • Optimise implementation of peekTQueue and peekTBQueue to reduce probability of transaction conflicts. Sep 2018

  • Removed alwaysSucceeds and always, GHC’s invariant checking primitives. (GHC #14324)

  • Add lengthTBQueue to Control.Concurrent.STM.TBQueue (gh-9)

  • Add stateTVar :: TVar s -> (s -> (a, s)) -> STM a combinator (gh-14)

  • Switched newTBQueue and newTBQueueIO to accept Natural as size (gh-17)

  • Switched signalTSemN and newTSem to accept Natural and Integer respectively (gh-17) Sep 2018

  • Fix incorrect bookkeeping of write capacity in flushTBQueue (gh-9)

  • Avoid redundant writeTVars in flushTQueue to avoid unnecessarily invalidating other transactions (gh-6) Feb 2018

  • Fix space leak in TBQueue (gh-2, GHC#14494)

  • Make signalTSem resilient against Int overflows (gh-4)

  • Make definition of readTQueue consistent with readTBQueue (gh-3, GHC#9539)

  • Add flushTQueue to Control.Concurrent.STM.TQueue (gh-1)

  • Add flushTBQueue to Control.Concurrent.STM.TBQueue (gh-1)

  • Add signalTSemN operation (gh-5) Dec 2015

  • Add support for base-

  • Drop support for GHC 6.12 / base-4.2

2.4.4 Dec 2014

  • Add support for base-

  • Tighten Safe Haskell bounds

  • Add mkWeakTMVar to Control.Concurrent.STM.TMVar

  • Add @since-annotations

2.4.3 Mar 2014

  • Update behaviour of newBroadcastTChanIO to match newBroadcastTChan in causing an error on a read from the broadcast channel

  • Add mkWeakTVar

  • Add isFullTBQueue

  • Fix TChan created via newBroadcastTChanIO to throw same exception on a readTChan as when created via newBroadcastTChan

  • Update to Cabal 1.10 format

2.4.2 Nov 2012

  • Add Control.Concurrent.STM.TSem (transactional semaphore)

  • Add Applicative/Alternative instances of STM for GHC <7.0

  • Throw proper exception when readTChan called on a broadcast TChan

2.4 Jul 2012

  • Add Control.Concurrent.STM.TQueue (a faster TChan)

  • Add Control.Concurrent.STM.TBQueue (a bounded channel based on TQueue)

  • Add Eq instance for TChan

  • Add newBroadcastTChan and newBroadcastTChanIO

  • Some performance improvements for TChan

  • Add cloneTChan