Pretty printer and exporter for configurations from the "configurator" library.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Justin Le
Maintained by [email protected]
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Pretty printers and exporters for ‘Config’s from the great configurator library.

All results are intended to be valid parsing files in the configuration file syntax of the library.

For a full round trip:

main = do
  cfg <- load [Required "config.cfg"]
  writeConf "config.cfg" cfg

This should load the config file, parse it, and then re-export it, rewriting the original config file. The result should be an identical configuration file (with keys potentially re-arranged and re-sorted, comments removed, etc.)

Can also export/print any HashMap Name Value, in the form exported from a Config using getMap. Modify a map yourself to dynically generate/customize configuration files!

Sample output:

foo {
    bar {
        baz1  = true
        baz2  = [1, 0.6, "hello", true]
    aardvark  = "banana"
    monkey    = [true, false, 1.9e-3]
    zebra     = 24

foo2 {
    bar = 8.1e-8

apple   = ["cake", true]
orange  = 8943

Further configuration on sorting of keys, displaying of bools and floats, etc. is possible by passing in custom ConfStyle style option values.




  • Added support for backwards compatibility up to GHC 7.6


  • Initial release!