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This package provides a data type that witnesses equality between two types using Leibnizian equality.

It includes a refinement to the notion of Leibnizian equality by Oleg Kiselyov that permits it to refine equality using the injectively of type constructors via type families.

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4.3 [2021.10.31]

  • Generalize the types of Data.Eq.Type.lower{,2,3}:

    -lower :: f a := f b -> a := b
    +lower :: f a := g b -> a := b
    -lower2 :: f a c := f b c  -> a := b
    +lower2 :: f a c := g b c' -> a := b
    -lower3 :: f a c d := f b c  d  -> a := b
    +lower3 :: f a c d := g b c' d' -> a := b

    The types of Data.Eq.Type.Hetero.lower{,2,3} have been generalized analogously.

  • Data.Eq.Type.Hetero.lower{,2,3} now have the same order of type variables as their counterparts in Data.Eq.Type.

  • Add an apply function to Data.Eq.Type and Data.Eq.Type.Hetero.

  • Drop support for pre-7.0 versions of GHC.

4.2.1 [2020.10.01]

  • Allow building with GHC 9.0.

4.2 [2018.04.24]

  • Make lower, lower2, and lower3 in Data.Eq.Type poly-kinded.
  • Introduce the Data.Eq.Type.Hetero module, which exposes (:==), a heterogeneously kinded version of (:=). This module is only available on GHC 8.2 and later.


  • Add TestEquality and TestCoercion instances for (:=).
  • Add fromLeibniz and toLeibniz functions for converting between (:~:) (from Data.Type.Equality) and (:=).
  • Add a reprLeibniz function to convert (:=) to a Coercion (i.e., representational equality).
  • Make (:=) a newtype.
  • We can remove the Trustworthy claim and infer as Safe on modern GHCs.


  • Made := kind polymorphic.


  • Provided an explicit nominal RoleAnnotation.


  • Updated to work with semigroupoids 4.0


  • Claim to be Trustworthy


  • Disabled observing injectivity through TypeFamilies for GHC >= 7.6


  • Updated build system
  • Removed my personal intra-package dependency upper bounds