MIT licensed by Albert Krewinkel
Maintained by [email protected]
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This package provides a parser and printer for Jira wiki markup. It converts the raw text into an abstract syntax tree. The tree is easy to handle and to translate into different output formats.


This package is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.



jira-wiki-markup uses PVP Versioning. The changelog is available on GitHub.


Released 2023-03-13.

  • Parser: Disallow image paths that start with a space.


Released 2023-01-11.

  • Relaxed upper bounds for mtl, allow mtl 2.3.

  • Fixed handling of character sequences that would be interpreted as icons if they weren’t followed by an alphanumeric character. See also pandoc issue #8511.


Released 2021-05-25.

  • Allow quoted image parameters.

  • Added support for “smart links”.

  • API Change: Add new constructors SmartCard and SmartLink to Text.Jira.Markup.LinkType.


Released 2021-05-24.

  • Allow spaces and most unicode characters in attachment links.

  • No longer require a newline character after {noformat}.

  • Only allow URI path segment characters in bare links.

  • The file: schema is no longer allowed in bare links; these rarely make sense.


Released 2021-03-13.

  • Fixed parsing of autolinks (i.e., of bare URLs in the text). Previously an autolink would take up the rest of a line, as spaces were allowed characters in these items.

  • Emoji character sequences no longer cause parsing failures. This was due to missing backtracking when emoji parsing fails.

  • Block quotes are only rendered as bq. if they do not contain a linebreak.


Released 2021-02-12.

  • Modified the Doc parser to skip leading blank lines. This fixes parsing of documents which start with multiple blank lines.

  • Prevent URLs within link aliases to be treated as autolinks.


Released 2020-06-22.

  • Braces are now always escaped when printing; Jira treats braces specially, regardless of context.


Released 2020-06-14

  • Added support for links to anchors.

  • Styled text may not wrap across multiple lines; linebreaks in marked-up text are now forbidden.

  • Module Text.Jira.Parser.Core: new function many1Till which behaves like manyTill, but requires at least on element to be parsed.

  • Ensured the package works with GHC 8.10.


Released 2020-04-04

  • Support was added for additional syntax constructs:

    • citation markup (??citation??),
    • links to attachments ([title^attachment.ext]), and
    • user links ([~username]).
  • Changes to module Text.Jira.Markup:

    • A new data type LinkType is exported from the module.

    • Changes to type Inline:

      • a new constructor Citation has been added;
      • the Link constructor now takes an additional parameter of type LinkType.


Released 2020-04-02

  • Fixed rendering of image attributes: image attributes are separated by commas instead of pipes; the latter are used in block parameters.

  • Fixed parsing of blockquotes which are not preceeded by blank lines.

  • Ensure parsing of single-line blockquotes is possible even if there is no space between bq. marker and contents.

  • Fixed parsing of colors: parsing no longer fails for hexcolors which contain non-decimal digits.

  • Changes to module Text.Jira.Parser.Shared:

    • New parsing function colorName which parses a color descriptor, i.e. either a name or a hexcolor.


Released 2020-03-28

  • Added check that a closing markup char is not preceeded by a whitespace character. Previously, plain text was still incorrectly treated as markup. E.g., the dashes in -> step -> used to be interpreted as delimiters marking deleted text.

  • Allows empty table cells; table parsing failed if one of the cells did not contain any content.

  • Changes to module Text.Jira.Parser.Core:

    • A field stateLastSpcPos was added to data type ParserState to keep track of spaces.
    • Function updateLastSpcPos was added to update the aforementioned field.
    • Function afterSpace was added to test the field.


Released 2020-03-27

  • Fixed parsing of image parameters. Thumbnails and images with parameters were previously not recognized as images.


Released 2020-03-19

  • Fixed table detection in endOfParagraph parser: Tables were expected to have a space between the leading pipe(s) and the cell content. Lines like ||Name| were erroneously not recognized as the beginning of a new block.


Released 2020-03-18

  • Don’t escape colon/semicolon unless necessary: it is necessary to escape colons or semicolons only if they could otherwise become part of a smiley.


Released 2020-03-18

  • Colon : and semicolon ; are now parsed as special characters, since they can be the first characters of an emoji.
  • Fixed parsing of words which contain non-special symbol characters: word boundaries were not set correctly if a word contained a dot . or similar chars.
  • Fixed incorrect emphasis parsing: digits were erroneously allows as the first characters after closing emphasis characters.


Released 2020-03-13.

  • Lists are now allowed to be indented; i.e., lists are still recognized if list markers are preceded by spaces.
  • Support for colored inlines has been added.
  • New constructor ColorInline for type Inline (API change).


Released 2019-12-17.

  • Add Doc datatype representing a full document; parse now returns this type.
  • Improve parsing:
    • double-backslash is recognized as linebreak;
    • emoticons are parsed as Emoji;
    • special sequences of dashes are translated into their unicode representation;
    • naked URLs are parsed as AutoLink;
    • blocks of colored text are parsed as Color;
    • interpretation of special characters as markup can be forced by surrounding them with curly braces.
  • A parser plainText was made available to read markup-less text.
  • Inline-parser symbol was renamed to specialChar.
  • Add printer module to render the document AST as Jira markup.
  • Markup datatype changes:
    • new Block elements Color and HorizontalRule.
    • new Inline elements Emoji, and Styled.
    • Inline constructors Subscript, Superscript, Emph, Strong, Inserted, and Deleted have been remove. Use Styled instead.
    • Constructor Image now takes a list of parameters as an additional argument.
  • CI runs also test GHC 8.8.


  • Ensure proper parsing of backslash-escaped characters.


  • Initially created.