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This module allows you to set per-connection keep alive parameters on windows and linux enviroments. For more information on keep alive signals see See also for a linux specific implementation.

The module is meant to be used in conjuction with the “network” package. However, in order to ensure adaptability, all functions require a socket file descriptor instead of an implementation dependent socket type. For the network package, such a descriptor can be obtained with the withFdSocket function:

 -- sock is a Socket type
 withFdSocket sock $ \fd -> do
    before <- getKeepAliveOnOff fd
    print before -- False
    -- set keep alive on, idle 60 seconds, interval 2 seconds
    rlt <- setKeepAlive fd $ KeepAlive True 60 2
    case rlt of
        Left err -> print err
        Right () -> return ()
    after <- getKeepAliveOnOff fd
    print after -- True

Please note that only the envocing process can manipulate sockets based on their file descriptors.


Changelog for keep-alive

  • Fix build errors

  • add return code to OTHER_KEEPALIVE_ERROR

  • add darwin support
  • fix windows build
  • add CI and tests

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