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  1. package aeson

    Fast JSON parsing and encoding A JSON parsing and encoding library optimized for ease of use and high performance. To get started, see the documentation for the Data.Aeson module below. (A note on naming: in Greek mythology, Aeson was the father of Jason.)

  2. module Data.Aeson

    Types and functions for working efficiently with JSON data. (A note on naming: in Greek mythology, Aeson was the father of Jason.)

  3. module Data.Yaml.Aeson

    Just a re-export of Data.Yaml. In the future, this will be the canonical name for that module's contents.

  4. newtype Aeson a

    postgresql-simple Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Newtypes

    A newtype wrapper with ToField and FromField instances based on ToJSON and FromJSON type classes from aeson. Example using DerivingVia:

    data Foo = Foo Int String
    deriving stock (Eq, Show, Generic)            -- GHC built int
    deriving anyclass (FromJSON, ToJSON)          -- Derived using GHC Generics
    deriving (ToField, FromField) via Aeson Foo   -- DerivingVia
    Example using Aeson newtype directly, for more ad-hoc queries
    execute conn "INSERT INTO tbl (fld) VALUES (?)" (Only (Aeson x))

  5. Aeson :: a -> Aeson a

    postgresql-simple Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Newtypes

    No documentation available.

  6. module Autodocodec.Aeson

    No documentation available.

  7. module Data.Binary.Instances.Aeson

    No documentation available.

  8. module Data.YAML.Aeson

    The YAML 1.2 format provides a much richer data-model and feature-set than the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. However, sometimes it's desirable to ignore the extra capabilities and treat YAML as if it was merely a more convenient markup format for humans to write JSON data. To this end this module provides a compatibility layer atop Data.YAML which allows decoding YAML documents in the more limited JSON data-model while also providing convenience by reusing aeson's FromJSON instances for decoding the YAML data into native Haskell data types.

  9. module Lens.Micro.Aeson

    Traversals for Data.Aeson, based on microlens for minimal dependencies. For basic manipulation of Aeson values, full Prism functionality isn't necessary. Since all Prisms are inherently Traversals, we provide Traversals that mimic the behaviour of the Prisms found in the original Data.Aeson.Lens.

  10. module Data.GenValidity.Aeson

    No documentation available.

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