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  1. module Conferer.Source.Aeson

    Source for json config files using Aeson

  2. module Data.Geospatial.Internal.Geometry.Aeson

    Some helpers for some of the common Aeson ops

  3. module Patrol.Extra.Aeson

    No documentation available.

  4. module Test.Syd.Aeson

    No documentation available.

  5. module TextShow.Data.Aeson

    No documentation available.

  6. module URI.ByteString.Aeson

    No documentation available.

  7. aesonQQ :: QuasiQuoter

    aeson Data.Aeson.QQ.Simple

    Converts a string representation of a JSON value into Value at compile-time.

    {-# LANGUAGE QuasiQuotes #-}
    import Data.Aeson (Value)
    import Data.Aeson.QQ.Simple
    joe :: Value
    joe = [aesonQQ|{ "name": "Joe", "age": 12 }|]

  8. package aeson-pretty

    JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool. A JSON pretty-printing library compatible with aeson as well as a command-line tool to improve readabilty of streams of JSON data. The library provides the function "encodePretty". It is a drop-in replacement for aeson's "encode" function, producing JSON-ByteStrings for human readers. The command-line tool reads JSON from stdin and writes prettified JSON to stdout. It also offers a complementary "compact"-mode, essentially the opposite of pretty-printing. If you specify -flib-only like this

    cabal install -flib-only aeson-pretty
    the command-line tool will NOT be installed.

  9. package aeson-qq

    JSON quasiquoter for Haskell aeson-qq provides a JSON quasiquoter for Haskell. This package exposes the function aesonQQ that compile-time converts a string representation of a JSON value into a Data.Aeson.Value. aesonQQ has the signature

    aesonQQ :: QuasiQuoter
    Consult the README for documentation: https://github.com/sol/aeson-qq#readme

  10. aesonQQ :: QuasiQuoter

    aeson-qq Data.Aeson.QQ

    No documentation available.

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