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This Haskell module exports the fromEitherM and fromMaybeM convenience functions.

fromMaybeM :: m a -> Maybe a -> m a

fromEitherM :: (e -> m a) -> Either e a -> m a

fromEitherM leftAction eitherValue is the same as either leftAction pure eitherValue.

fromMaybeM nothingAction maybeValue is the same as maybe nothingAction pure maybeValue.


>>> import Control.FromSum (fromEitherM, fromMaybeM)
>>> fromMaybeM [] $ Just 5
>>> fromMaybeM [] Nothing
>>> fromEitherM (\s -> [length s]) $ Right 5
>>> fromEitherM (\s -> [length s]) $ Left "foo"


  • Add functions collapseErrExceptT, liftEitherExceptT, fromEitherExceptT, fromEitherOrExceptT, fromEitherMExceptT, fromEitherOrMExceptT, fromMaybeExceptT, fromMaybeOrExceptT, fromMaybeMExceptT, fromMaybeOrMExceptT, guardExceptT, and guardMExceptT. These functions help convert Maybe, Either, and Bool to ExceptT. #2

  • Added new functions maybeToEither, maybeToEitherOr, and eitherToMaybe for converting between Maybe and Either. #1