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fuzzy-dates is a Haskell library for parsing dates when you don’t know/care to specify the format of the dates beforehand. It returns dates and times in the hourglass format.

It is heavily based off of, which had not been updated for over 2 years at the time of writing, so I created this library. I’ve added numerous new date formats as well as several functions (shown below) which facilitate easy extraction of dates from text.


Import the main module, then call one of the extract dates functions, like so:

>>> import Data.Dates.Parsing
>>> extractDatesY 2018 "The party will be on 6/9"
[Date 2018 June 9]
>>> import Data.Dates.Parsing
>>> extractDateTimes "This morning, 06.07.16 at 7:35 AM, the fire was stopped." :: IO [DateTime]
[DateTime {dtDate = Date {dateYear = 2016, dateMonth = July, dateDay = 6}, dtTime = TimeOfDay {todHour = 7h, todMin = 35m, todSec = 0s, todNSec = 0ns}}]


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