BSD-2-Clause licensed by Ashley Yakeley
Maintained by <[email protected]>
This version can be pinned in stack with:witness-0.6.2@sha256:4beb4195ecabeb5a26bf58c308d35f149a02dd5f86bd3b89c1cf8349f8b85f28,3613

A witness is a value that witnesses some sort of constraint on some list of type variables. This library provides support for a wide variety of witness types. It also provides classes for representatives, which are values that represent types.


[0.6.2] - 2023-07-25

  • withAllConstraint, withSomeAllConstraint
  • listTypeToListM, listTypeForList, listTypeFind
  • fixedListLength, fixedListGenerate, Eq FixedList

[0.6.1] - 2022-09-12

  • new ListLength type family and associated functions
  • new Greater type family and associated functions
  • new FixedList type indexed by PeanoNat
  • new ListElement functions
  • new OrderedWitnessMapFor and OrderedWitnessMapOf types
  • new functions:
    • someForToSome

[0.6] - 2022-05-08

  • reorganise modules
  • rename types and functions
  • additional functionality

[0.5] - 2020-09-22