feed Build Status

Interfacing with RSS (v 0.9x, 2.x, 1.0) + Atom feeds.

To help working with the multiple feed formats we’ve ended up with, this set of modules provides parsers, pretty printers and some utility code for querying and just generally working with a concrete representation of feeds in Haskell.

For basic reading and editing of feeds, consult the documentation of the Text.Feed.* hierarchy.


  • Add missing file to dist of test-suite (thanks to Sergei Trofimovich)

  • Add toFeedDateStringUTC which uses UTCTime rather than ClockTime (thanks to Emanuel Borsboom)
  • Now with explicit export lists!

  • Fix toFeedDateString time format, It used %s (seconds since epoch) instead of %S (seconds of minute), and %m (month) instead of %M (minute) (thanks to Emanuel Borsboom)

  • RSS Export: avoid attribute (thanks to Roman Cheplyaka)

  • The Atom RFC says that when a link element doesn’t specify the “rel” attribute, i.e. link relation, it should be interpreted as an “alternate” relation. This makes the feed and item query functions treat a missing relation as “alternate”.

  • Allow HUnit 1.3.*

  • Add Text.Feed.Import.parseFeedSource :: XmlSource s => s -> Maybe Feed (thanks to Dmitry Dzhus)

  • Add missing modules in test-suite

  • Fix typo “skipDayss” -> “skipDays” in Text.RSS.Export (thanks to Daniele Francesconi)

  • Update maintainer information
  • Add test suite

  • Add support for utf8-string >= 1 && < 1.1 and time 1.5.*

  • add ref to github repo + .cabal tidying.


  • tidy up compilation with ghc-7.6(.3), bumped version (but no functional changes.)


  • cabal build fixes.


  • parsing: made be optional.
  • parsing: try if is missing.