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This package provides missing features of Win32 package.

This should be part of Win32 package. But it seems that Win32 package is not active development now. So, I made a separated package for solving today problem.

Changes Nov 13 2013
* Add mOD_NOREPEAT value to Graphics.Win32.Window.HotKey
* Fix typo of toLayeredWindow function name in Graphics.Win32.LayeredWindow
* Add System.Win32.Console.CtrlHandler module
* Add System.Win32.Console.Title module
* Add System.Win32.Console.HWND module
* Export wideCharToMultiByte function from System.Win32.Encoding
* Re-export multiByteToWideChar function from System.Win32.Encoding
* Re-export getLastError function from System.Win32.Error
* Add upgradeWindowsOS function to System.Win32.Exception.Unsupported
* Add upgradeWindowsOS and unsupportedVal function to System.Win32.Exception.Unsupported
* Change missingWin32Function and missingWin32Value's types
* Add System.Win32.HardLink module
* Add expandEnvironmentStrings function to System.Win32.Info.Computer
* Add System.Win32.Info.Version module
* Change and fix OSVERSIONINFOEX type's definition
* Change loadFunction, loadSystemFunction, withLoadFunction and withLoadSystemFunction types
* Add System.Win32.Process.Current module
* Add System.Win32.Utils module
* Add System.Win32.Word module to re-export WORD types Sep 29 2013
* First release
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